Master’s ProgramPh.D. program
Israeli Students Non-Israeli StudentsIsraeli Students Non-Israeli Students
Tuition$4,000 (per year)$5,000 (per year)$2,000 (per year)$2,500 (per year)
Registration for the Program$135 (one-time payment)$135 (one-time payment)$135 (one-time payment)$135 (one-time payment)
Security$150  (per year)$150  (per year)$150​  (per year)$150  (per year)
Housing ($270* per month)$3,240 (per year)$3,240 (per year)$3,240 (per year)$3,240 (per year)
Health Insurance ($1.75 per day) $640 (per year) $640 (per year)
Local Living Expenses ($700 per month for master's and $1,320 per month for Ph.D.)$8,400 (per year)$8,400 (per year)$21,230 (per year)$21,230 (per year)
Total Cost per Year$15,925 (per year)$17,565 (per year)$26,755 (per year)$27,895 (per 4 years)
Total Cost for the Full Program$31,715 (per 2-year program)$34,995 (per 2-year program)$106,615 (per 4-year program)$111,175 (per 4-year program)
* Electricity and water payments are not included
A limited number of scholarships covering tuition and living expenses may be available to outstanding students.
Students may apply for scholarships from international organizations such as F.A.O., U.N.D.P., UNESCO and WHO. Contact their local representatives for more information. For scholarships from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs please contact the Israeli Embassy in your country   ​