Solar Energy

·       Conversion of solar energy to electricity

·       Applied optics and large system design


Nanomaterials and Metamaterials

·       Materials for energy conversion and storage

·       Optoelectronic materials and interfaces

·       Electrochemistry in ionic liquids


Fluid Dynamics

·       Atmospheric and oceanic physics

·       Dynamics of ice sheets

·       Electro-diffusion of ions (relevant to water desalination and micro-fluidics)


Novel Physics of Water Desalination

·      Micro and nanofluidics and electro-dialysis


Nonlinear Dynamics

·       Population ecology

·       Atmospheric science

·       Sand dune dynamics and nonlinear waves


Stochastic Processes

·       Climate research
·       Algal biotechnology
·       Single molecule dynamics and spectroscopy and transport through nano-channels


Mathematical Economics  

·       A focus on resource economics under uncertainty


Remote Sensing

·       Land surface characteristics

·       Aerosols

·       Precision agriculture