Curriculum Goals

  • To train skilled professionals for the fields of hydrology, water treatment and desalination (including: water production, estimation of surface and underground water and solute movement, chemical and biochemical evaluation of underground water and contaminants, operations research, optimization of water systems and more).

  • To provide students with a strong background in fundamental and applied aspects of physical, chemical and microbiological processes in aquatic environments To offer knowledge in the subjects of flow and transport processes of water, solutes, and solids and separate phases in soil-water, in groundwater and in surface water.

  • To provide knowledge in the subjects of water and wastewater treatment, including biological treatments, physicochemical treatments and desalination processes.

  • In particular, to intensify and expand the study of membrane technologies related to desalination methods and wastewater treatment processes.

  • To prepare students for PhD studies in water-related programs.

  • To take advantage of the ZIWR's strengths in both engineering and hydrological & microbiological sciences to professionally prepare individuals to succeed in multidisciplinary, team-oriented environments.


Admission Criteria

  • Students must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies.

  • Students without an appropriate background who are interested in enrolling in the M.Sc. degree in the Hydrology and Water Quality program will have an individual curriculum tailored for them by the teaching committee with supplementary courses.

  • Students with a B.A. will have to complete a set of required courses before enrolling in the program.


Master's degree studies involve class work and thesis research. The required courses include core courses, mandatory courses in the area of specialization and elective courses.

Total credit requirements to complete the degree.



Mandatory Core Courses


Mandatory Core Courses Within the Track of Study




Departmental and Student Seminars  



Elective Courses



General Courses 




Thesis Research





   5  Water Resources and Microbiology and Water Quality

   6  Desalination and Water Treatment




 symbol.PNG 10 Water Resources and Microbiology and Water Quality

   7  Desalination and Water Treatment



   2   Water Resources and Microbiology and Water Quality

   4  Desalination and Water Treatment



Total Credits




Supplementary Courses 

The courses listed below are supplementary courses (without credit points) for students without an appropriate background who hold a B.A. and plan to apply for the Hydrology and Water Quality program in any specialization:


Supplementary courses (at BGU) for students who wish to be accepted into the Hydrology and Water Quality program (all specializations).

Course no.



Mathematics of Systems 1


General Chemistry B


Introduction to Analytic Chemistry B


Mathematics of Systems 2


Physics 1 for Life Science and Geology


Introduction to Physical Chemistry 1


Introduction to Probability B


Introduction to Statistics B


General Chemistry Laboratory


Physics 2 for Life Science and Geology


Additional supplementary courses (at BGU) for students who wish to be accepted into the Hydrology and Water Quality program with a Water Resources specialization. 

Course no.





Geology of Israel


Introduction to Organic Chemistry


Introduction to Physical Chemistry 2

Acceptance into the M.Sc. program depends on achieving an average grade of at least 85 in the above courses.

The teaching committee will approve the student's acceptance into the program according to the regular procedure.