Architectural Design in Desert Environments

• Bioclimatic design, thermal comfort and energy efficiency, passive heating

  and cooling, lighting and visual comfort, building envelope geometry and

  materials, design tools, evolution of desert building technologies


• Monitoring, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), Post-Occupancy Evaluation

  (POE), retrofit energy upgrade of existing building stock


• Embodied energy and Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)


Urban Design in Desert Environments

• Urban microclimate, microclimate of open spaces, pedestrian thermal

  stress and thermal sensation, sustainable and environmentally conscious

  design in arid zones


Urban and Regional Planning

• Urban development patterns in deserts, urban land use, sparsely

  populated desert regions, planning and sustainability, sustainable

  population growth, inter-regional migration


Disaster Management in Drylands

• Proactive emergency planning and crisis management in drylands, people

  and drylands in history, time-series analysis and risk assessment


Pastoralism and Sedentarism

• Agnation in Mid-East societies, nomadic and static pastoralism,

  urbanization of Bedouin peoples, villages for shepherds, Bedouin markets


Gender and Feminism

• Gender in cross-cultural perspectives, feminist theories and research



Political Economy of the Rural Sector

• The political economy of agriculture, water politics, development projects in

  Less Developed Countries (LDCs)


Social Analysis of the Environment

• Actor/network theory, technological diffusion, green building legislation,

  standards, behavioral issues and barriers