Academic Program


  • The M.Sc/M.A. program is a two-year program.

  • The chairperson of the teaching committee is: Dr. Sarab Abu-Rabia-Queder

  • Students are required to complete the following courses during the two-year program:


  1. Courses within the track of study:
  2. A. Mandatory courses
  3. B. Departmental seminars
  4. C. Elective courses within the track of study
Thesis Writing12



A.  Mandatory Courses:

Course #LecturerSubjectCredits
001-2-1116Prof. Evyatar ErellThe Human Dimension--Living in the Drylands 3
001-2-6057Dr. Yaakov GarbIntroduction to Research Methods3
001-2-0153Ms. Ayla AdlerAcademic Writing for Graduate Students2

One of the following two courses:

Course #LecturerSubjectCredits
001-2-6015Prof. David PearlmutterResearch Methods in Desert Architecture2
001-2-6016Prof. Pnina Motzafi-HallerResearch Methods in Social Sciences2


B.  Seminars and Thesis Writing -- Mandatory Courses:

Students are required to attend Departmental Seminars (one seminar per


Course #LecturerSubjectCredits
001-2-6999Dr. Yodan RofeDepartmental Seminar A (first year)0
001-2-6998Prof. Isaac MeirDepartmental Seminar B (first year) 0
001-2-6997Dr. Yodan RofeDepartmental Seminar A (second year)0
001-2-6996Prof. Isaac MeirDepartmental Seminar B (second year)0


In the third and fourth semester, students must register for Thesis Writing.

Course #Lecturer​SubjectCredits
001-2-9991 Thesis Writing A6
002-2-9992 Thesis Writing B6


Students who have completed the above Thesis Writing courses and who

continue their studies for a fifth semester must register for the course:

Course #LecturerSubjectCredits
001-2-1000 Thesis Writing – Continuation0


C.  Elective Courses Within the Track of Study:

Course #LecturerSubjectCredits
001-2-6001Prof. David PearlmutterBuilding Design in the Desert 2
001-2-6002 Dr. Aviva PeetersTheory and Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (limited to 15 students)3
001-2-6004Prof. Isaac MeirDesert Architecture from Antiquity to Modern Vernacular4
001-2-6005Prof. Evyatar ErellUrban Microclimate in the Desert3
001-2-6009Dr. Moshe SchwartzGuided Reading on Social and Economic Development in Israel's Desert and Arid Regions2
001-2-6010Prof. Isaac Meir Desert Settlements Through Time4
001-2-6011Dr. Moshe SchwartzGuided Reading on Desert and Arid Zone Economics2
001-2-6012Dr. Moshe SchwartzGuided Reading on Water Politics in Arid Regions2
001-2-6023 Prof. Isaac Meir Modern Bioclimatic Architecture4
001-2-6024Prof. Evyatar ErellPassive Heating and Cooling of Buildings2
001-2-6025Prof. Isaac MeirSustainable Design Studio2
001-2-6027Dr. Moshe SchwartzGuided Reading on Political Economy of Development Projects2
001-2-6028Dr. Yodan RofeResearch Seminar: Neighborhood and Settlement Patterns in the Negev Region2
​001-2-6029​Dr. Yodan Rofe​The Sustainable City: City Planning and Urban Design​2
001-2-6032Prof. David PearlmutterUrban Design Workshop2
001-2-6037Dr. Yaakov GarbIntroduction to Statistics4
001-2-6041Dr. Yaakov GarbAn Introduction to Science and Technology Studies (STS): Reading Seminar2
001-2-6044Dr. Sarab Abu-Rabia-QuederSociological-Anthropological Perspectives in Studying Negev Bedouin2
001-2-6046Dr. Aviva PeetersAdvanced Methods in GIS: Spatial Analysis for Environmental Research3
001-2-6048Dr. Yaakov Garb and Prof. David PearlmutterGreener Building: Analysis Change in Large Socio-technical Systems4
001-2-6049Dr. Yaakov GarbQualitative Data Analysis: A Mini Course on ATLAS1
​001-2-6051​Dr. Sarab Abu-Rabia-Queder​Gendering the Middle East: Critical Analysis2​
001-2-6058Prof. Pnina Motzafi-HallerFeminist Theories3
001-2-6059Prof. Pnina Motzafi-HallerIsraeli Voices: An Introduction to Israeli society2
001-2-6060Prof. Pnina Motzafi-HallerIntroduction to Development Studies3
001-2-6061Prof. Pnina Motzafi-HallerNomadism and Beyond2
001-2-6062Dr. Yaakov GarbGIS and spatial analysis3