Evolutionary and behavioral ecology

·         Optimal foraging

·         Mechanisms of coexistence

·         Evolution of life history

·         Genetic and phenotypic variations

·         Social behavior

·         Physiological ecology

·         Movement ecology

·         Predator-prey interactions


Plant ecology and evolution

·         Population and community ecology

·         Plant-animal interactions

·         The ecology and evolution of pollination and seed dispersal

·         Spatial ecology, Biodiversity and species richness

·         Evolutionary ecology of phenotypic plasticity in plants

·         Plant communication and environmental perception


Symbiosis and Host-parasite interactions

·         The evolution and ecology of symbiotic interactions

·         The evolution and ecology of host-parasite interactions

·         Microbial ecology

·         Disease ecology and vector-borne bacteria

·         Ecology and evolution of host-parasite interactions


Conservation and wildlife management

·         Spatial ecology and spatial genetics

·         Conservation genetics

·         Conservation behavior

·         Behavior and population genetics of translocated animals 

·         Human-wildlife interactions and conflicts

·         Decision-making in conservation

·         Behavioral indicators in conservation biology


Modeling and Big data

·         Computational ecology and evolution

·         iEcology

·         Conservation Culturomics

·         Network analysis of biological systems

·         Species distribution models


Spatial and applied ecology

·         Agroecology

·         Ecological Restoration and disturbance ecology

·         Biological control of pests and diseases

·         Landscape ecology

·         Biogeography and Macroecology