​A number of the courses on the following list are not given each year.

For the actual courses with their respective schedule please refer to the timetable


Course Number
Writing a Scientific Paper (2 Credits)001-2-0153
Soil Physics (3 Credits)001-2-2038
Ecological and Evolutionary Aspects of Phenotypic Plasticity in Plants (3 Credits)001-2-3001
The Ecology of Plant Animal Interaction (3 Credits)001-2-3020
Biostatistics (0 Credits - * 3 Credits for Non-Ecology Students)001-2-3021
Echolocation and Bat-Insect Interactions in Desert Habitats (3 Credits)001-2-3023
Vegetation Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-3034
Biophysical Field Methods (2 Credits) and (POSSIBLE) Field Workshop Namibia (2 Credits)001-2-3035 and 001-2-3135
Agroecology (3 Credits)001-2-3036
Tutorial in Evolution (No Credits)001-2-3037
Evolutionary Ecology of Parasitism (3 Credits)001-2-3039
Biogeography (2 Credits)001-2-3040
Topics in Ecology (2 Credits)001-2-3041
Conservation Genetics (3 Credits)001-2-3045
The Ecology of Arachnids (3 Credits)001-2-3046
Topics in Behavioral Ecology (2 Credits)001-2-3060
Field Computational Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-3076
Arthropod Behavior and Agroecology (2 Credits)001-2-3077
Personal Projects in Evolutionary Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-3078
Scientific Presentation (2 Credits)001-2-3079
Evolution of Life Histories (2 credits)001-2-3080
Population Genomics and Conservation (2.5 Credits)001-2-3081
Ecology and Evolution of Dispersal (3 Credits)001-2-3082
Community Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-3083
Evolutionary Ecology (4 Credits)001-2-3084
Conservation Biology: Philosophy and Ethics (2 Credits)001-2-3085
Microbial Ecology (3 credit)001-2-3086
Conservation Ecology (4 Credits)001-2-3087
Ecological Physiology (3 Credits)001-2-3088
Animal Behavior in Conservation Biology (3 Credits)001-2-3089
Introduction to Molecular Ecology (2 credits)001-2-3090
Contemporary Topics in Israeli Nature Conservation –Workshop (3 Credits)001-2-3091
The Use of Animal Cognition Principles in Conservation (3 credits)001-2-3092
Arthropod Behavior and Agroecology (2 Credits)001-2-3093
Macroecology (2 Credits)001-2-3094
Guided Reading on Ecology of Parasites and Parasitism (2 Credits)001-2-3333
Self Study in Ecology (2 Credits)001-2-3334
Camp Evolution (2 Credits)001-2-3335
Guided Reading in Molecular Ecology (2 Credit)001-2-3344
Pattern Formation and Spatial Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-4022
Remote Sensing for Agriculture Rangeland and Forestry (3 Credits)001-2-4028
Introduction to Statistics and Probability (3 Credits)001-2-4029
Practical Bioinformatics for Environmental Studies (3 Credits)001-2-5041
Theory and Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (3 credits)001-2-6002
Departmental Seminar (No Credit)001-2-6666
Hands-on Introduction to R: Programming, Graphing and Statistical Exploration (2 Credits)001-2-7010
Introduction to MATLAB with Basic Operation (3 Credits)001-2-7111
Population Ecology of Populations (3 Credits)205-2-1601
Behavioral Ecology of Equids (3 Credits)205-2-2281
Workshop in Ecology and Environmental Sciences (0.5 Credits)205-2-2521/2/3/4
Insect Ecology (3 Credits)205-2-4162
Quantitative Methods in Ecology (3 Credits)205-2-5021
Spatial Ecology (3 Credits)205-2-8031
Ecological Methodology Exemplified Through Reptile Studies (3.5 Credits)208-2-2551
Mathematical Models for the Study of Animal Behavior (3 Credits)208-2-7031