A number of the  courses on the following list are not given each year.
For the actual courses with their respective schedule please refer to the timetable


Course Number
Academic Writing for Graduate Students (2 Credits)001-2-0153
The Human Dimension--Living in the Drylands (3 Credits) 001-2-1116
Building Design in the Desert (2 Credits)001-2-6001
Theory and Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (3 credits)001-2-6002
Desert Architecture from Antiquity to Modern Vernacular (4 Credits)001-2-6004
Urban Microclimate in the Desert (3 Credits)001-2-6005
Guided Reading on Social and Economic Development in Israel’s Desert and Arid Regions (2 Credits)001-2-6009
Desert Settlements Through Time (4 Credits) 001-2-6010
Guided Reading on Desert and Arid Zone Economics (2 Credits)001-2-6011
Guided Reading on Water Politics in Arid Regions (2 Credits)001-2-6012
Research Methods in Desert Architecture (2 Credits)001-2-6015
Research Methods (2 Credit)001-2-6016
Gender and Development (2 Credits)001-2-6017
Modern Bio-Climatic Architecture (4 Credits)001-2-6023
Passive Heating and Cooling of Buildings (2 Credits)001-2-6024
Sustainable Design Studio (4 credits)001-2-6025
Guided Reading on Political Economy of Development Projects (2 Credits)001-2-6027
Research Seminar: Neighborhood and Settlement Patterns in the Negev Region (2 Credits)001-2-6028
The Sustainable City: City Planning and Urban Design (2 Credits)001-2-6029
Urban Design Workshop (2 Credits)001-2-6032
Introduction to Statistics (4 Credits)001-2-6037
An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies (STS): Reading Seminar (2 Credits)001-2-6041
Sociological-Anthropological Perspectives in Studying Negev Bedouin (2 Credits)001-2-6044
Advanced Methods in GIS: Spatial Analysis for Environmental Research (3 credits)001-2-6046
Greener Building: Analyzing of Change in Large Socio-technical Systems (3 Credits)001-2-6048
Qualitative Data Analysis: A Mini Course on ATLAS (1 Credit)001-2-6049
A Planet of Slums? Informal Settlements and the Transition to Formality and Planning (3 credits)001-2-6050
Gendering the Middle East: Critical Analysis (2 Credits)001-2-6051
Introduction to Research methods (3 Credits)001-2-6057
Feminist Theories (3 Credit)001-2-6058
Israeli Voices: An Introduction to Israeli society (3 Credits)001-2-6059
Introduction to Development Studies (2 Credits)001-2-6060
Nomadism and Beyond (2 Credits)001-2-6061
GIS and Spatial Analysis (3 Credits)001-2-6062
Guided Reading in Gendering the Middle East 2018 (2 Credits)001-2-6151
Departmental Seminar (No Credits)001-2-6996/7/8/9