A number of the courses on the following list are not given each year.
For the actual courses with their respective schedule please refer to the timetable

Courses Within the Track of Study

Course Number
Plant Physiology under Stress (2 Credits)001-2-2005
A Mechanistic Approach to Plant Nutrition (2 Credits)001-2-2006
Crop Irrigation Regimes (3 Credits)001-2-2035
Soil Physics (3 Credits)001-2-2038
Understanding and Modeling of Agricultural Systems (2 Credits)001-2-2067
Understanding and Modeling of Agricultural Systems (2 Credits)001-2-2067
Salinity and Reuse of Water (2 Credits)001-2-2202
Adsorption and Reactivity of Chemicals in Soils (3 Credits)001-2-2203
Agricultural and Environmental Aspects in Soil Sciences (3 Credits)001-2-2204
Departmental Seminar A (First Year) (No Credit)001-2-2222
Departmental Seminar A (Second Year) (No Credit)001-2-2223
Departmental Seminar B (First Year) (No Credit)001-2-2224
Departmental Seminar B (Second Year) (No Credit)001-2-2225
Students Seminar (0.5 Credit)001-2-2666/7
Introduction to Statistics and Probability (3 credits)001-2-4029
Hydrometeorology (3 Credits)001-2-5030
Statistical Methods (3 Credits)001-2-7007
Hands-on Introduction to R: Programming, Graphing and Statistical Exploration (2 Credits)001-2-7010

Elective Courses

Course Number
Scientific Writing: Owning Your Research (2 Credits)001-2-0153
Modeling of Water Flow and Solute Transport (2 Credits) 001-2-2039
Carbon Metabolism in Plants (2 Credits)001-2-2042
Plant stress Indicators: Methods and Instrumentation (2 Credits) 001-2-2043
Carbon Metabolism and Photosynthesis in a Changing Environment (2 Credits)001-2-2059
Modeling in the Earth and Plant Sciences (3 credits)001-2-2205
Remote sensing for Agriculture, Rangeland and Forestry (3 Credits)001-2-4028
Field Methods in Hydrology (3 Credits)001-2-5004
Laboratory Methods for Environmental Studies (3 Credits)001-2-5005
Practical Bioinformatics for Environmental Studies (3 Credits)001-2-5041
Operation and Analysis of Environmental Monitoring Systems (1 Credit) 001-2-5055
Practical Bioinformatics for Environmental Studies (3 Credits)001-2-5141/5241
Theory and Applications of Geographic Information Systems (3 Credits)001-2-6002
Food security and Climate Change (2 Credits)001-2-6047
Numerical Analysis Using MATLAB (4 Credits)001-2-7011