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A number of the  courses on the following list are not given each year.

For the actual courses with their respective schedule please refer to the timetable

Course Number
Physics of Bacterial Communities (3 Credits)001-2-0009
Physicochemical Technologies for Water Treatment (2 Credits)001-2-0016
Stable Isotope Application in Contaminant Hydrology (2 Credits) 001-2-0022
Intermolecular and Surface Forces (3 credits)001-2-0028
Plant Perception, Transduction and Response to Environmental Signals (2 Credits)001-2-2017
Proteins and Enzymes - Structure and Kinetics (3 Credits)001-2-2022
Molecular Biology and Epigenetics (2 Credits)001-2-2036
Lab Course in Epigenetics - A Concentrated course (4 Credits)001-2-2040
Analysis of Biological Networks (2.5 Credits)001-2-2046
Biostatistics: ANOVA and Design of Experiments (3 Credits)001-2-3021
Geography of Desertification (2 Credits)001-2-4016
Pattern Formation and Spatial Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-4022
Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Rangeland and Forestry (3 Credits)001-2-4028
Field Methods in Hydrology (3 Credits)001-2-5004
Laboratory Methods for Environmental Studies (3 Credits)001-2-5005
Migration Processes in the Unsaturated Zone of Soil (3 Credits)001-2-5006
Groundwater Microbiology (2 Credits)001-2-5010
Environmental Microbiology (3 credits)001-2-5011
Biodegradation Process of Synthetic Organic Compound in Water Soil (2 Credits)001-2-5012
Introduction to Microbiology (2.5 Credits)001-2-5020
Nitrogen Transformations and Environmental Quality (2 credits)001-2-5026
Microbial Biofilms in Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes (2 Credits)001-2-5028
Rural Water Development (2 Credits)001-2-5029
Physiology of Bacterial Biofilms (2 Credit Points)001-2-5031
Water Sanitation (3 Credits)001-2-5038
Soil Microbial Ecology (2 Credits)001-2-5040
Practical Bioinformatics for Environmental Studies (3 Credits)001-2-5041
Amino Acids and Peptides: Chemistry and Biology (2 credits)001-2-5042
Biogeochemical Processes in Surface Water Systems (3 Credits)001-2-5044
Operation and Analysis of Environmental Monitoring Systems (1 Credit)001-2-5055
Water Microbiology (3 Credits)001-2-5059
Biological Processes in Wastewater (3 Credits)001-2-5060
Nexus of the Desalination Industry and the Aquatic Environment (3 Credits)001-2-5061
Microbial Sociology: From a Single Bacterium to Biofilm and Biofouling (3 Credits)001-2-5062
Lab-course: New Methods in Biofilm Characterization (3 Credits)001-2-5063
Flow and Water Quality in Streams: Theory and Practice (3 Credits)001-2-5065
Introduction to Scientific Computing with Python (3 Credits)001-2-5066
Introduction to Contaminant Hydrology (3 Credits) 001-2-5067
Practical Data Science and Machine Learning (3 Credits)001-2-5070
Introduction to Surface Hydrology (2 Credits)001-2-5100
Rural Water Development (field trip) (2 credits)001-2-5129
Departmental Seminar A (first year) (No Credit)001-2-5555
Departmental Seminar A (second year) (No Credit)001-2-5556
Departmental Seminar B (first year) (No Credit)001-2-5557
Departmental Seminar B (second year) (No Credit)001-2-5558
Students Seminar (0.5 Credits)001-2-5995/6
Hands-on Introduction to R: Programming, Graphing and Statistical Exploration (2 Credits001-2-7010
Numerical Analysis Using MATLAB (4 Credits)001-2-7011
Quantitative Methods in Ecology (3 Credits)205-2-5021
Introduction to Modeling Transport Phenomena for Aquifer Remediation (3 Credits)376-2-5024