​A number of the courses on the following list are not given each year.

For the actual courses with their respective schedule please refer to the timetable

Course Number
Soil Physics (3 Credits)001-2-2038
Ecological and Evolutionary Aspects of Phenotypic Plasticity in Plants (3 Credits)001-2-3001
The Ecology of Plant Animal Interaction (3 Credits)001-2-3020
Biostatistics: ANOVA and Design of Experiments (3 Credits)001-2-3021
Echolocation and Bat-Insect Interactions in Desert Habitats (3 Credits)001-2-3023
Vegetation Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-3034
Biophysical Ecology in the Namib Desert (3 Credits) 001-2-3035
Agroecology (3 Credits)001-2-3036
Tutorial in Evolution (No Credits)001-2-3037
Evolutionary Ecology of Parasitism (3 Credits)001-2-3039
Biogeography (2 Credits)001-2-3040
Topics in Ecology (2 Credits)001-2-3041
Conservation Genetics (3 Credits)001-2-3045
The Ecology of Arachnids (3 Credits)001-2-3046
Topics in Behavioral Ecology (2 Credits)001-2-3060
Advanced Topics in Ecology (1 Credit)001-2-3063
Animal Behavior in Conservation Biology (2 credits)001-2-3064
Field Computational Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-3076
Conservation Biological Control and Arthropod Behavior (2 Credits)001-2-3077
Personal Projects in Evolutionary Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-3078
Scientific Presentation (2 Credits)001-2-3079
Evolution of Life Histories (2 credits)001-2-3080
Population Genomics and Conservation (2 Credits)001-2-3081
Ecology and Evolution of Dispersal (3 Credits)001-2-3082
Community Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-3083
Evolutionary Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-3084
Conservation Biology: Philosophy and Ethics (2 Credits)001-2-3085
Microbial Ecology (2 credit)001-2-3086
Guided Reading on Ecology of Parasites and Parasitism (2 Credits)001-2-3333
Self Study in Ecology (2 Credits)001-2-3334
Camp Evolution (2 Credits)001-2-3335
Guided Reading in Molecular Ecology (2 Credit)001-2-3344
Pattern Formation and Spatial Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-4022
Remote Sensing for Agriculture Rangeland and Forestry (3 Credits)001-2-4028
Practical Bioinformatics for Environmental Studies (3 Credits)001-2-5041
Departmental Seminar (No Credit)001-2-6666
Population Ecology of Populations (3 Credits)205-2-1601
Conservation Ecology (4 Credits)205-2-2271
Workshop in Ecology and Environmental Sciences (0.5 Credits)205-2-2521/2/3/4
Ecological Methodology Exemplified Through Reptile Studies (3.5 Credits)205-2-2551
Ecological Physiology (3 Credits)205-2-3111
Quantitative Methods in Ecology (3 Credits)205-2-5021
Mathematical Models for the Study of Animal Behavior (3 Credits)205-2-7031
Landscape Ecology (3 Credits)205-2-8031