A number of the courses on the following list are not given each year.
For the actual courses with their respective schedule please refer to the timetable

Course Number
Plant Physiology Under Stress (2 Credits)001-2-2005
A Mechanistic Approach to Plant Nutrition (2 Credits)001-2-2006
The Role of the Membranes in the Adaptation of Plant Cells to Stress Conditions (2 Credits)001-2-2007
Animal Husbandry of Desert Herbivores (2 Credits)001-2-2012
Microalgal Biotechnology (2 Credits)001-2-2014
Introduction to Desert Aquaculture (3 Credits) 001-2-2015
Plant Perception, Transduction and Response to Environmental Signals (2 Credits)001-2-2017
Aquatic Animal Health (3 Credits)001-2-2021
Proteins and Enzymes: Structure and Kinetics (3 Credits)001-2-2022
Nutrition, Feeding Behaviour and Growth in Aquaculture (2 Credits)001-2-2024
Practical Fish Disease Diagnosis (A,B,C) (1 Credit for each level)001-2-2025/6/7
Guided Reading in Economical Utilization of Food Industry Wastes as Aquaculture Feeds, Particularly in Arid Lands (2 Credits)001-2-2028
Crop Irrigation Regimes (3 Credits)001-2-2035
Molecular Biology and Epigenetics (2 Credits)001-2-2036
Guided Reading of Stress Sensing in Plants (2 Credits)001-2-2037
Soil Physics (3 Credits)001-2-2038
Advanced Modeling of Water Flow and Contaminant Transport in Porous Media (2 Credits) 001-2-2039
Lab Course in Epigenetics - An Intensive Course (4 Credits)001-2-2040
Plant Reproduction (3 Credits)001-2-2041
Plant Stress Indicators: Methods and Instrumentation (2 Credits)001-2-2043
Analysis of Biological Networks (4 Credits)001-2-2046
Plant Cellular Enzymology and Metabolism (3 Credits)001-2-2048
Physiology, Reproduction and Uses of Cactus Species (2 Credits)001-2-2049
Guided Reading on Lipid Metabolism in Microalgae (2 Credits)001-2-2051
Guided Reading on the Plant Ionomics: Recent Advances in Ion Uptake (2 Credits)001-2-2052
Crop Water Use and Irrigation (3 Credits)001-2-2053
Guided Reading on Topics in the Ecophysiology of Desert Plants (2 Credits)001-2-2054
Genetic and Physiological Regulation of Fruit Ripening (2 Credits)001-2-2055
Guided Reading on Advanced Topics in Plant and Microalgae Lipid Biochemistry (2 Credits)001-2-2056
Survival Strategies of Annual Desert Plants (2 Credits)001-2-2058
Carbon Metabolism and Photosynthesis in a Changing Environment (2 Credits)001-2-2059
The Physiology and Metabolism of Fruits: Genetics Vs Environment (4 Credits)001-2-2065
Metabolomics Laboratory (2 Credits)001-2-2066
Understanding and Modeling of Agricultural Systems (2 Credits)001-2-2067
Lipid Biochemistry of Microalgae and Plants (3 Credits)001-2-2069
Biology and Biotechnology of Microalgae (3 Credits)001-2-2070
Molecular Mechanism of Plant-Insect Interactions (3 Credits)001-2-2071
Viticulture in Arid and Semi-arid Environments (3 credits)001-2-2074
Terrestrial Biogeochemsitry (3 Credits)001-2-2075
Guided Reading in Plant Breeding and Cytogenetics (2 Credits)001-2-2173
Adsorption and Reactivity of Chemicals in Soils (3 Credits)001-2-2203
Departmental Seminar A (First Year) (No Credit)001-2-2222
Departmental Seminar A (Second Year) (No Credit)001-2-2223
Departmental Seminar B (First Year) (No Credit)001-2-2224
Departmental Seminar B (Second Year) (No Credit)001-2-2225
Pastoralism and Mobility (2 Credits)001-2-2281
Guided Reading: Factors Affecting Roots Development under Field Conditions (2 Credits)001-2-2288
Guided Reading on Molecular and Systems Biology Approaches to Plant Stress Tolerance Research (2 Credits)001-2-2289
Aquatic Animal Health - Guided Reading Course (2 Credits)001-2-2290
Guided Reading on Plant Metabolism: Authentic to Synthetic (2 credits)001-2-2300
Students Seminar (0.5 Credit)001-2-2666/7
Vegetation Ecology (3 Credits)001-2-3034
Agroecology (3 Credits)001-2-3036
Soil Physics (3 Credits)001-2-3038
Geography of Desertification (2 Credits)001-2-4016
Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Rangeland and Forestry (3 credits)001-2-4028
Hydrometeorology (3 Credits)001-2-5030
Practical Bioinformatics for Environmental Studies (3 Credits)001-2-5041
Operation and Analysis of Environmental Monitoring Systems (1 Credit)001-2-5055
The Environment in Israel: Issues and Public Policy (2 Credits)001-2-6053