​​COVID-19 Travel Instructions for Ongoing Students who are Currently in Israel

Please note that due to the evolving situation, the COVID-19 regulations (both in Israel and in the country) are subject to change.

Please read the from the rector of the university (written on August 17th, 2021) regarding international travel: 

As of 18.8.2021, all international students must do the following if they wish to travel out of Israel during the course of their studies:

1. ​Fill out and sign the student and advisor commitment to quarantine upon return:

Combined declaration 30-1-2022 AKIS.pdf

2. Fill out this form and send the list of documents below by email to Shalva (arshalva@bgu.ac.il) and Sarit(koma@bgu.ac.il and )​:



*Certification of vacination

*Flight tkt

*Health insurance policy

*Entry Permit - 24 hourse prior to your arrival

3. As you plan your travel and acquire the relevant signatures, you must stay updated regarding the changing policies from the Ministry of Health​ and Population and Immigration Authority.

4. Some destinations require non-citizens to request and receive an entrance permit before their return to Israel. Please follow the updates and instructions here. (If you do receive an entrance permit, please send it to us by email at koma@bgu.ac.il and arshalva@bgu.ac.il)

5. All incoming passengers must complete the on-line form 24h before your flight (https://corona.health.gov.il/en/flights/). 

Here are links you may find helpful: