Desert Plant Physiology, Ecophysiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology

·      Micropropagation and tissue culture

·      Metabolic engineering  for crop improvement

·      Acclimation and adaptation to environmental stress

·      Phytopharmaceuticals and secondary metabolites

·      Genetics and epigenetics

·      Ecophysiology


Microalgal Biotechnology

·      Identification and production of products with commercial potential

·      Microalgal growth, including indoor and outdoor, and intensive and extensive

·      Design of efficient photobioreactors

·      Basic research of algal stress physiology

·      Biosynthesis of valuable secondary carotenoids and fatty acids from algae

·      Basic algal molecular biology and biochemistry

·      Microalgal taxonomy and contamination management


Agronomy and Agrometeorology

·      Runoff agriculture and afforestation

·      Irrigation and crop water use

·      Agricultural systems modeling


Aquaculture and Aquatic Animal Health

·      Diseases in recirculating aquacultural systems

·      Diseases in ornamental fish

·      Development of natural therapeutants and immunostimulants


Animal Production and Adaptation

·      Livestock production in desert conditions

·      Host–parasite relationships 

·      Biotic and abiotic effects on the behavioral and physiological responses of 



Dry Rangeland Ecology and Management

·      Sustainability of livestock grazing in semiarid shrubland

·      Herbaceous and woody production and biodiversity in grazed shrublan

·      Demography of patch-forming shrub species

·      Seed dispersal and germination in semiarid shrubland

·      Agroecology of weed invasion in agricultural fields