Dec. 21, 2017

Carol & Harry Saal Hall #202
Alon Building for High Tech #37
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Marcus Family Campus
Beer Sheva


The Decision Making and Economic Psychology Center (DMEP) 
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
The Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality (RATIO)
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
are happy to invite you to the joint workshop
Judgement and Decision Making: Real World Implications
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(no fees entailed, but registation is required)

​Keynote speakers:
Prof. Nathan Novemsky
Yale University

Prof. Zur Shapira
New York University

​We are grateful to the following sponsors:
Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management, BGU
​BGU Office of the Rector
BGU Faculty of Engineering Sciences
BGU Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
I-CORE - the Israeli Centers for Research Excellence 

Pleas​e register here
for the conference, for organized Jerusalem ride, for dinner, before Dec. 16, 2017.

Program, Dec. 21, 2017​​:​


Registration & Refreshments

9:45 Dr. Simone Moran (Head of DMEP, BGU)Welcome


Nathan Novemsky (Yale University)

Changing Choice by Changing Attribution: The Role of Shifting Attribution on Consumer Choice

11:00Oded Lowengart (BGU)

The Effect of Role Model on the Obesity Epidemic

11:20 Netta Barak-Corren​​ (HUJI)

Identifiability in Sexual Harassment Cases

11:40 Coffee​ Break  


Coby Morvinski (BGU)

The Effect of Stated Preference on Subsequent Revealed Preference

12:30 Kobi Gal (BGU)Solving the Disengagement Problem in Peer Production Sites


Elliot Ludvig (University of Warwick)

Gambling in People and Pigeons


Dorit Efrat Treister (BGU)

Why am I Waiting? When Information Backfires


Lunch Break
15:00 Blitz session (10-minute talks)

Meir Barneron (HUJI)

Rate it twice: Using the Wisdom of “Many in One Mind” to Improve Performance Evaluation

Ilana Ritov (HUJI)

Causal Misattribution of Wild Fires in Israel

Elias L. Khalil (Monash U)

Dissecting Confirmation Bias: Self-Deception contra​ Incumbent Belief

Uriel Haran (BGU)

The Social Function of Reported Confidence

Adiel Moyal (HUJI)

Generalized Inequality Aversion and Social Comparison Direction

Anna Dorfman (TAU)

From Social Mobility to Income Inequality: On Universal Merit Beliefs, CEO-to-Worker Pay Gaps, and Inequality Tolerance

Ronit Montal-Rosenberg​ (BGU)​

Ideological Misjudgment and Misuse of Conditional Probabilities in Evaluating Policies towards Rare Events

Inbal Harel-Kessler (BGU)

The Effect of Religiousness and References to Religious Beliefs on Organ Donation Decisions
16:20 Coffee break ​​


Zur Shapira (New York University)

Aspiration and Survival Reference Points: Their Effects on Risk Taking in Real World Situations​


Ilana Ritov (HUJI)Closing



Little India Restaurant, self-sponsored, NIS 80, NIS 40 student discount, registration in advance


Parking is in visitor parking lots on Ben-Gurion Blvd: 
1) Opposite Soroka University Medical Center, entry to campus at gate across from the hospital
2) At the BGU Sports Center – entry to campus up the steps to the bridge walkway leading to the north east gate nearest to Building 37
Signs around campus will guide you to the conference hall​​