Recycling Services

Recycling and re-use of objects reduces the amount of waste and use of raw materials. Waste with dangerous components, such as batteries, medications and electrical equipment require special disposal and therefore should not be thrown into regular garbage cans, they should be thrown into special garbage cans or taken to central collection points.

Recycling Centers on Campus


The company "Aminar" clears all paper and cartons to their recycling plant in Hadera. Recycling cartons for stationery only are located next to printers and photocopiers on campus and in the dormitories,

Plastic bottles of 1.5 liters and above and other plastic products with the number 1, 2, 4 or 5 printed on the bottom with no food remnants

The above should be placed in the cages close to the parking area at the back of the student center and near the dormitories.

Bottles and Cans with a deposit

Cans, plastic bottles less than 1.5 liters, and glass bottles with "deposit paid" written on them can be recycled by placing them in the special bins provided by the recycling company "Michzorit": in the student center, near Hakarnaf, near Lemon Grass, and in the dormitories. If you would like to receive monetary compensation, please take your bottles to supermarkets outwith the campus.


Batteries should be placed in the glass bins or cartons provided on campus. The Beersheva City Council takes responsibility to remove the batteries.

Electrical Equipment (until microwave size)

A facility for disposal provided by the "Snonit" recycling company stand in parking area #5 behind building #90. If the facility is closed, objects can be left in the carton nearby.



Large bins are provided for the disposal of cartons next to the bottle cage behind the student center and between the Negev and Peace gates. The university recently purchased a compressor which allows the recycling of a large number of cartons. The compressor is closed as opposed to the older bins which caused sanitary hazards because of the bottles and food remnants which were thrown into them.


Clothing and Furniture

Clothing and furniture can be donated to the needy through the following:

·       WIZO – 1 Weizman Street, Beersheva. Tel: 08-6277714

·       Chabad House – 3 Sokolov Street, Beersheva. Tel: 08-62331970

·       "Hakoach Latet" – 10 Hazorea Street, Emek Sara, Beersheva.

Tel: 08-6450606

Hours: Sunday 9-12; Monday 12-16; Wednesday 13-16


Out of date medications can be returned to Superpharm branches. The medications are crushed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Unused medications can be transferred to the Friends for Health association (

who pass the medications to those in need.