The Security department provides different services:

Lost and Found
Working hours: Sunday – Thursday 9:00 to 14:45
Location: Building 70 Room -127 (Student Union Building basement)
For further information 08-6472503, extension 9 >  2

Parking Permits and Work Tags
Working hours: Sunday - Thursday, 08:15 to 13:00
Location: Building 26, Room 103A
For further information 08-6461553, extension 9 >  1

Baggage Storage
Working hours: Sunday - Thursday, 08:00 to 19:45
Location: Building 70 Room -127
For further information 08-6472503, extension 9 > 2

Physical Security and Operations
Responsibilities -
1. Prevent personal injury and damage to property of students,
 faculty members and visitors.
2. Enforce Israeli Police laws.
3. Supervising and ensuring security in parking lots.
4. Securing University events.
5. Prevention of disorderly conduct around university campuses.
Location: Building 34 Room 318
For further information 08-6461733
Head of Physical Security - Nadav Mazuz

Information Security
1. Investigating incidents that harm public order.
2. Training department and university employees in matters of Information Security and supervision of R & D projects.
3. Collection, processing and publication intelligence.
4. Assisting security check at Ben Gurion Airport for guests of the university.
5. Emergency Readiness - writing procedures, equipment and training emergency security system.

Personnel and Human Resources
The HR unit accompanies and supports the security guards during their employment time at the security department.
For further information – 08-6472213

Computer Systems and Low-Voltage
1. Responsible for the Security Department computer systems.
2. Parking Labels division.
3. Responsible for Parking Permits & Work Tags Office.
4. Responsible for department's programs:
    Travel Booking System.
    Vehicle entry permit system.
7. Responsible for Low Voltage Systems in the university area.