Defibrillator locations in the University:

1.Building 90 – next to security station

2. Building 98 – in the entrance to the building manager's office, floor -1

3.Building 15 – next to the time clock, ground floor.

4.Building 18 – next to diaper changing station, the back of Sarah Tadmor hall.

5.Building 72 – next to computer stations, the back of Zonenfeld hall, 3rd floor.

6.Building 70 – next to the entrance of “HaZrif" store

7.Building 71 – next to the archive, ground floor.

8.Building 22 – in the security station, the entrance to the library

9.Building 26 – hallway of the south stairway, 1st floor.

10.Building 32 – opposite the coffee station, 1st floor

11.Building 56 -  opposite the coffee station,  ground floor

12.Building 38 – opposite room 001, ground floor

13.Building 8 – M the entrance to the building, on the left side.

14.Kiryat Tuviyahu – the locker next to the security guard station in the front entrance (opposite the hotel)

15.Eilat Campus – building 5 lobby

16.Security guards vehicles

17.Security department carts

18.Sde Boker campus – security vehicle.

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