Earthquake - Life-Saving Guidelines

When receiving an alert on an Earthquake, we must act based on where we are, according to the following guidelines:



• If you can leave the building within a few seconds - go outside immediately.


• If you cannot leave the building within a few seconds - enter the protected room and
  leave the door and window open.


• If you do not have a protected room (Mamad) - go out to the stairwell, and if
  possible, continue down until you exit the building. Do not use the elevator.


• Only if you cannot follow the above - sit in the inner corner of the room or under
   heavy furniture and protect your head with your hands.


• Stay out in the open and away from building, trees and electric cables and items that
  might fall and risk your lives.

In a vehicle:

• Immediately stop at the side of the road and wait inside the vehicle until the
  earthquake is over - the vehicle protects you.


• Avoid stopping under a bridge, on an intersection, near buildings or under a steep
   slope for fear of collapsing, and distance yourself from it by car or on foot.


• Use signs indicating the direction of the escape routes to the marked gathering areas.



For more information, please visit the National Emergency Portal