At the beginning of the academic year, we bring these rules to your attention. Please be aware of the following:


Entrance instructions to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev:

Entrance to campus requires security check

Entrance to campus requires presenting identification card – please prepare this card  in advance

Please adhere to instructions of security guards


Suspicious object: Any object that is not in correct place and owners are unknown.

If you see a suspicious object – do not touch, open or move this object, since it may explode at any time!

Do not go or stand by the suspicious object. Warn passerby about the object and ask them to stay away

Call security at following phone numbers: 08-6461555,

or 08-6461888 or police 100


Suspicious person or someone with suspicious behavior: someone who is dressed suspiciously or seems suspicious in the way he is dressed, what he is carrying, is behaving unreasonably or seems out of place.


In case of recognizing suspicious person, maintain eye contact with him and call security: 08-6461555 or 08-6461888 or call police 100. Do not make contact with suspicious person independently and wait for security.



Distance passerby from the area of fire until security arrives. Do not try to extinguish fire under any circumstances.

Call security at 08-6461555 or 08-6461888 or 102 to fire department or police 100.

Do not use elevators! Only take stairs!


Earthquakes: If there is an earthquake when you are on campus, do the following:

If possible, leave the building and go outside

If you cannot evacuate the building quickly, enter a safe room and leave the door of the safe room open

If you cannot leave the building quickly and there is no safe room, go to the stairwell. If possible, keep walking down the stairs exiting the building. Cover your head and neck with your hands.

If possible, take shelter under heavy furniture or sit on ground near inner wall.

Outside – go to an open area that is far way from buildings, power lines and tress.

During an earthquake do not use elevators!


Firing of rockets to the city:

When you hear an alarm, immediately enter a protected area closest to you

Every student/faculty member should be familiar with their surroundings and the protected areas closest to where they are usually located:

List of safe rooms posted in security department site

All buildings have signs directing the public to the closest safe room

If there is no safe room in close vicinity, do the safest thing:

For those in a building – choose your protected area as follows:

Inner area (such as hallway) without windows or external walls, under two ceilings

Stairwell under two ceilings without wall facing west

Room with minimum amount of windows without wall facing west

Under two ceilings (when explosion is heard bend and cover your head under windows)

Close the door and the windows, sit on the floor under windows next to inner wall and not across from window)


For people outside building:

In built area – if possible enter closest building and act according to instructions of those in building

In open area without building in close proximity – lie on the ground and cover your head with your hands

Leaving protected areas:

After the event leave protected areas after ten minutes, unless receiving other instructions

Do not stand near rockets on the ground. It is important to stay away from unidentified objects or electricity wires or rockets

In case of alarm do not use elevator!

For people riding bikes and scooters:


Riding allowed on roads and with helmets only

It is forbidden to park vehicles in areas not designated for this purpose, especially areas designated for handicapped

Vehicles parked in areas that are forbidden will be locked with Denver boot and punished

It is forbidden to bring vehicles to university buildings including dorm rooms


Instructions re smoking:

Smoking on campus is forbidden, except in designated areas.



Defibrillators are located throughout the campus. In case of medical emergency call MADA 101 and security department at 08-6461555 or 08-6461888 to verify location of defibrillators.