Security Department Goals:
Protecting human life, information, property, public order and integrity around the university compounds and different academic activities, while maintaining an open and pluralistic character subject to the applicable law.
Prevention of any possible threat to students, employees and visitors at Ben Gurion University, and allowing students, researchers and university employees to perform their duties in an efficient and safe manner.

There are various operations in the following matters:

    1.  Managing, operating and executing the university's security policy according to safety authorities and the Israel police.

2. Securing all university sites and facilities.

3. Responsibility for maintaining public order.

4.Securing all students and employees in all university sites and abroad while on duty.

5.Securing all university events and any events that take place in university sites and facilities.

6.Being in charge of all emergency matters, including preparing the university and assisting with different needs in times of emergency.

7.Writing, executing and implementing safety and emergency procedures.

8.Enforcing disciplinary, smoking and ethicality procedures. Investigating and detecting offenses.

9.Enforcing traffic and parking regulations around the university.

10.Operating the security hotline.

11.Guiding employees and delegations about security issues on behalf of the university before going abroad.

12.Representing the university at official events.

13.Initiating professional education and training programs for employees about security issues.