Office Rece​ption hours  

Sunday – Thursday 09:00 – 13:00

Building 34, Room 318

Phone: 08-6461553/4



Changes in Gate Opening Hours and Security Department Services
During the Lockdown

GateOpening Hours
Gate of Knowledge 24 hours
Mexico Gate (from train station)07.00 – 22.00
*Gate of the Future (Ramot)06.30 – 09.30
Gate 90Closed
*Aliyah Gate06.30 – 09.30
Faculty of Health Sciences (Front Gate)Closed
Faculty of Health Sciences (Rear Gate)24 hours
Kiryat Tuviyahu (Front Hias Gate)Closed
Kiryat Tuviyahu (Rear Hias Gate)06.00 – 22.00
Kiryat Bergman06.00 – 20.00
Security ServicesOpening Hours
Lost and Found OfficeClosed
*Parking Permit and Staff Pass OfficeOnly via e-mail




 Entrance Gates to Marcus Campus

Pedestrian and vehicle gate.  24 hours a dayRager Gate (connects to Rager Boulevard)
Pedestrian gate  05:30am-23:00  *Aliya Gate (opposite to Soroka Medical Center)
Pedestrian gate  07:00am-20:00*Ilanot Gate (next to building No' 97)
 vehicle gate  06:00am-20:00*Ramot Gate (Kidma)
Pedestrian gate  07:00am-22:00*Mexico Gate (bridge to the train station)
Pedestrian gate  07:00am-18:00*Gate of Life Sciences

 Entrance Gates to Faculty of Health Sciences

Pedestrian gate  07:00am-19:00*Front gate (faces Ben-Gurion Blvd.)
Pedestrian and vehicle gate  24 hours a day     Rear gate

Entrance Gates to Kiryat Tuviyahu

 Pedestrian gate   07:00am-18:00 Front gate (faces Henrietta Szold Street)
Pedestrian and vehicle gate   06:00am-22:00  *Rear gate

Entrance Gates to Kiryat Bergman

Pedestrian and vehicle gate07:00am-20:00Main gate (faces HaShalom Street)

 Entrance Gates on Weekends

 24 hours a day  24 hours a dayRager Gate (connects to Rager Boulevard)
10:30-22:00  05:30am-19:00  *Aliya Gate (opposite to Soroka Medical Center)
Closed.  07:00am-13:00*Ilanot Gate (next to building No' 97)
Closed.  Closed.*Ramot Gate (Kidma)
Closed.  07:00am-13:00*Mexico Gate (bridge to the train station)
Closed.  Closed.*Gate of Life Sciences
Closed.  07:00am-13:00Health Sciences front
 24 hours a day  24 hours a dayHealth Sciences rear
 Closed.  Closed.Kiryat Tuviyahu front
 Closed.  06:00am-13:00Kiryat Tuviyahu rear
 Closed.  07:00am-13:00Kiryat Bergman


The gates that are marked with "*" are closed during the weekends and holidays. Also, during the

 weekends entrance is allowed only for students and faculty members.

The entrance to the various campuses is allowed to pedestrians - students and citizens - according to the list below of the gates and their opening hours.​