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Religion and the Natural Environment

CSoC Research Theme for 2022-2023

Religion & Ecology currently features first on the page dedicated to "Hot Topics" on the website of the American Academy of Religion (AAR). A growing number of universities are offering courses on religion and the environment. Being a hot topic that crosses boundaries between religious beliefs and spiritual traditions, it is relevant globally, for researchers, political activists, and the public.

  • • Perceptions of the natural environment as reflected in scriptures, mythology, theology, mysticism, and ethics

  • • Attitudes towards the natural environment as performed in religious practices

  • • Means of preventing natural disasters and coping with them in religious law, theology, preaching, liturgy, ritual, and magic

  • • Spiritual leadership and religious institutions in times of ecological crisis – ethical prescriptions and historical case-studies

  • • The impact of religion on the treatment of animals and land

  • • Non-anthropocentric themes in religious thought

  • • Current religious environmentalism: ideologies, activists, organizations

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