Apr. 24, 2022


​'Diaspora' is a photographi​c record of Frédéric Brenner's 25-years search for Jewish life in 40 countries, over five continents.

It is a landmark project that captures the diversity of Jewish life, challenges the notion of the unity of the Jewish people, and questions the possibility of defining a center  - geographical, cultural or spiritual - for Jewish communities.

Brenner will share his work and reflections on these matters at CSoC's annual public event, in proximity to the Holocaust Memorial Day and the Israeli Day of Independence, and in dialogue with the Center's theme of 2021-2022: "Rethinking Center and Periphery".

Please share with friends and colleagues, and join us on zoom! https://us02web.zoom.us/my/csocbgu​​

25.4.2022 Frederic Brenner.jpg