Sacred Spaces in the Abrahamic Faiths鈥嬧嬧 鈥


鈥16 October 2018鈥鈥婸rof. Ora Cohen (Open University)"Place of Fire, place of sorrow" - opening discussion on Holy Places鈥
鈥30 October 2018鈥Doctorial Students and Post Docs鈥 
鈥13 November 2018Dr. Michal Bar-Asher Seigal - Steering Committee Member鈥 (Click HERE 鈥媐or flyer)鈥婮ewish-Christian Interactions in the Babylonian Talmud:
Public Processions and the Inter-religious Transfer of Knowledge鈥
鈥27 November 2018Dr. Pnina Arad 鈥(Click HERE for flyer)Holy places and displacement: A Holy Land installation in sixteenth-century Wittenberg鈥嬧
鈥11 December 2018鈥婸rof. Jackie Feldman - Steering Committee Member 鈥(Click HERE for flyer)鈥婽o the Holy Land: Anthropological Perspectives on Contemporary Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism
鈥25 December 2018Azri Amram - Doctorial Student in the Center 鈥嬧(Click HERE 鈥嬧媐or flyer)鈥50 Shades of Kosher: Inter-Religious Encounters in Palestinian Communities in Israel
(Building 22 Room 501)鈥
鈥8 January 2019鈥婦r. Daniella Talmon-Heller - Steering Committee Member鈥嬧 (Click HERE 鈥嬧媐or flyer)鈥婼acred Places and Sacred Times in Medieval Islamic Thought and Practice鈥
09-J鈥媋n-19鈥婱ulti Faculty Site Visit to Netivot for the Baba Sali (Click HERE for details)Pilgrimage to burial sites of tzadikim in the Negev.
鈥嬧6 November 2018鈥鈥媃ishai Gesudenheit鈥 (Click HERE鈥 for flyer)鈥鈥婽he Temple鈥檚 Holiness in the Babylonian Sages' Awareness鈥嬧.
(Building 22 Room 501)
鈥5 March 2019鈥Dr. Yamit Rachman-Schrire鈥 - Post Doc in the Center鈥. (Click HERE 鈥媐or the flyer)鈥婥hallenging the boundaries of pilgrimage literature: Felix Fabri, pilgrim, writer and theologian.
鈥19 March 2019鈥Prof. Oded Ir-Shai 鈥(Click HERE鈥嬧 for flyer)鈥Conceiving a Map with Blood: Eusebius of Caesarea's Martyrs of Palestine as a Local Ecclesiastical Political Statement.
鈥2 April 2019鈥嬧Dr. Sundar Henay Same same but different: Jerusalem pilgrims on religious variety at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, 1400-1600鈥
鈥(Click HERE鈥嬧嬧 for flyer)鈥
鈥6 May 2019鈥鈥婦r. Egl臈 Bazarait臈, Vice Dean in the Faculty of Architecture, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University鈥(Click HERE鈥 for flyer)鈥嬧Pagan Sacred Groves in 19th century Catholic Cemeteries in Vilnius
(Monday 12:15pm鈥)
14 May 2019Dr. Matan Orian - Post Doc in the Center (Click HERE鈥嬧 for flyer)鈥嬧嬧鈥婼ex and Sacrilege by Gentiles at the Jerusalem Temple
鈥(Building 70 2nd Floor)
鈥21 May 2019鈥鈥婨rika Tritle - Fulbright USIEF fellow at the Center鈥 (Click HERE鈥嬧 for flyer)鈥嬧嬧嬧鈥婤efore Limpieza: Blood, Flesh, and Faith in mid-Fifteenth-Century Castile
鈥3-5 June 2019鈥The Seminar for the Research of Abrahamic Faiths, Oxford UK鈥 (Click HERE for more information)Sacred Spaces in the Abrahamic Religions: BGU-Oxford Joint Workshop
鈥18 June 2019鈥Elazar Ben Lulu鈥 (Click HERE鈥 for flyer)Sanctify Space, Body and Peace:
Shabbat Services Prayers in Jaffa
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