Sacred Spaces in the Abrahamic Faiths​​​ ​


​16 October 2018​​Prof. Ora Cohen (Open University)"Place of Fire, place of sorrow" - opening discussion on Holy Places​
​30 October 2018​Doctorial Students and Post Docs​ 
​13 November 2018Dr. Michal Bar-Asher Seigal - Steering Committee Member​ (Click HERE ​for flyer)​Jewish-Christian Interactions in the Babylonian Talmud:
Public Processions and the Inter-religious Transfer of Knowledge​
​27 November 2018Dr. Pnina Arad ​(Click HERE for flyer)Holy places and displacement: A Holy Land installation in sixteenth-century Wittenberg​​
​11 December 2018​Prof. Jackie Feldman - Steering Committee Member ​(Click HERE for flyer)​To the Holy Land: Anthropological Perspectives on Contemporary Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism
​25 December 2018Azri Amram - Doctorial Student in the Center ​​(Click HERE ​​for flyer)​50 Shades of Kosher: Inter-Religious Encounters in Palestinian Communities in Israel
(Building 22 Room 501)​
​8 January 2019​Dr. Daniella Talmon-Heller - Steering Committee Member​​ (Click HERE ​​for flyer)​Sacred Places and Sacred Times in Medieval Islamic Thought and Practice​
09-J​an-19​Multi Faculty Site Visit to Netivot for the Baba Sali (Click HERE for details)Pilgrimage to burial sites of tzadikim in the Negev.
​​6 November 2018​​Yishai Gesudenheit​ (Click HERE​ for flyer)​​The Temple’s Holiness in the Babylonian Sages' Awareness​​.
(Building 22 Room 501)
​5 March 2019​Dr. Yamit Rachman-Schrire​ - Post Doc in the Center​. (Click HERE ​for the flyer)​Challenging the boundaries of pilgrimage literature: Felix Fabri, pilgrim, writer and theologian.
​19 March 2019​Prof. Oded Ir-Shai ​(Click HERE​​ for flyer)​Conceiving a Map with Blood: Eusebius of Caesarea's Martyrs of Palestine as a Local Ecclesiastical Political Statement.
​2 April 2019​​Dr. Sundar Henay Same same but different: Jerusalem pilgrims on religious variety at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, 1400-1600​
​(Click HERE​​​ for flyer)​
​6 May 2019​​Dr. Eglė Bazaraitė, Vice Dean in the Faculty of Architecture, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University​(Click HERE​ for flyer)​​Pagan Sacred Groves in 19th century Catholic Cemeteries in Vilnius
(Monday 12:15pm​)
14 May 2019Dr. Matan Orian - Post Doc in the Center (Click HERE​​ for flyer)​​​​Sex and Sacrilege by Gentiles at the Jerusalem Temple
​(Building 70 2nd Floor)
​21 May 2019​​Erika Tritle - Fulbright USIEF fellow at the Center​ (Click HERE​​ for flyer)​​​​​Before Limpieza: Blood, Flesh, and Faith in mid-Fifteenth-Century Castile
​3-5 June 2019​The Seminar for the Research of Abrahamic Faiths, Oxford UK​ (Click HERE for more information)Sacred Spaces in the Abrahamic Religions: BGU-Oxford Joint Workshop
​18 June 2019​Elazar Ben Lulu​ (Click HERE​ for flyer)Sanctify Space, Body and Peace:
Shabbat Services Prayers in Jaffa
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