Merav Seifan, Associate Professor​


Research Interests:

Community ecology; Plant ecology; Plant-animal interactions; Pollination ecology; Disturbance ecology; Spatial ecolo​gy; Biodiversity and species richness.

Shirli Bar-David, Senior Lecturer


Research Interests:​

Spatial ecology and spatial genetics and their implications for conservation biology and wildlife management; Specifically, the spatial and genetic structure of populations, factors affecting range expansion, and movement patterns of individuals under different landscape scenarios.

Oded Berger-Tal, Associate Professor


Research Interests:

Conservation behavior: I am interested in all aspects of applying animal behavior knowledge and theory to improve conservation and management. Specific topics that are of current interest include the following: * Post-release behavior of reintroduced animals * 

Understanding the mechanisms and reversing the effects of wildlife habituation to humans * 

Evolutionary and ecological traps.

Department Chairperson

Itamar Giladi, Associate Professor​​


Research Interests:

Plant population and community ecology; Landscape ecology; Ecology and evolution of seed dispersal; Spatial ecology and Biodiversity.

Hadas Hawlena, Associate Professor


Research Interests:

The evolution and ecology of symbiotic interactions; the evolution and ecology of host-parasite interactions; microbial ecology; disease ecology; vector-borne bacteria.

Boris Krasnovs, Professor


Research Interests:

Ecology and evolution of host-parasite interactions; Biogeography.

Burt P. Kotler, Professor


Research Interests:

Research Interests: Community ecology, evolutionary ecology, and behavioral ecology; optimal foraging, tradeoffs of food and safety, optimal patch use, the effect of costly information; foraging games between predators and their prey; consequences of natural selection at the community level: mechanisms of coexistence among desert granivorous birds and mammals; applying foraging theory and mechanisms of species coexistence to conservation issues; behavioral indicators in conservation biology.

Carmi Korine​, Adjunct Professor​​​


Research Interests:

My scientifi​c background is in physiological ecology of animals, a discipline that explores, in an ecological and evolutionary context, the ways in which animals function in response to their natural environments. I work within this discipline to answer questions that are related to conservation ecology and to animal ecology. I have developed an international reputation for my work on bats. I have done fieldwork in several countries and have been invited to several international meetings. I am collaborating with scientists from Israel and abroad.​

Ariel Novoplansky,  Professor


Research Interests:

Evolutionary ecology of phenotypic plasticity in plants; Plant morphogenesis and developmental strategies; Plant communication and environmental perception; Plant 

community ecology.

Uri Roll, Associate Professor​


Research Interests: 

Conservation Biology, Macroecology, Biogeography, Spatial Ecology, Conservation Culturomics, Species Distributions, Endangered Species, Conservation Modelling, Conservation Prioritizations, Invasive Species.

David Saltz, Professor


Research Interests:

Wildlife management and conservation biology; specifically population dynamics and spatial ecology; ungulate ecology; ecology of small populations; Disease dynamics.

Michal Segoli, Associate Professor​


Research Interests:

Insects behavioral and evolutionary ecology; Factors limiting the reproductive success of insects in the field; parasite-host interactions; Endosymbiont-host interactions; Biological control of pests and diseases.