comination.jpgDr. Yoram Ayal, Retired, Desert Ecology

The structure of desert communities; The effect of habitat productivity on community structure and trophic interactions; Insect-plant interactions and insect community structure in desert ecosystems; Insect parasitoid-host population interactions.

הנדריקס.png​​Prof. Hendrik Bruins, Professor Emeritus, Bona Terra the Man in the Desert 

​Human Ecology in Deserts and Drylands through Time; Drought, Food Security and Disaster Contingency Planning; Ancient Desert Agriculture, Rural Archaeology and Comparative Bedouin Anthropology; The Catastrophic Santorini Eruption in the Eastern Mediterranean Region; Radiocarbon Dating and Chronology of the Ancient Near East during the Bronze and Iron Ages.

בורדה.pngProf. Georgy Burde, Emeritus Professor, Environmental Physics​

Research Interests: Fluid dynamics (current interests: water waves, hydrodynamic stability); Applications of symmetry based methods to differential equations; Soliton dynamics

פיימן.png​​Prof. David Faiman, Emeritus Professor, Solar Energy

Solar radiation measurement; Characterization of concentrator photovoltaic systems; Investigation of (vanadium redox) storage batteries


Prof. Daniel Feuermann, Emeritus Professor, Solar Energy

* Production of nanomaterials using highly concentrated solar radiation
* Design of optics for concentrating solar collectors. Selective coatings

comination.jpgProf. Constantin Freidin, Professor Emeritus, Bona Terra the Man in the

Development of new technological processes for cement; Concrete and concrete-like materials; Utilization of industrial waste in manufacturing of concrete and other building materials.

Prof. Gordon M. Jeffrey, Emeritus ​Professor, Environmental Physics & ​Solar Energy​​

Research Interests: Nanomaterial synthesis by highly concentrated solar and ultra-bright lamp light; physics and characterization of ultra-efficient solar cells; advanced solar concentrator optics; radiometry and illumination optics; bio-inspired systems.​

comination.jpg​​Prof. Gideon Kressel, Emeritus Professor, Bona Terra the Man in the Desert

Agnation in Middle Eastern societies; Transition of Bedouin (nomadic pastoralists) into static pastoralism; Villages for shepherds; Livestock breeding and marketing; Regression in socialist economy and cooperation in Israel's rural sector; The kibbutz and the moshav.

comination.jpg​​Prof. Abraham Kudish, Emeritus Professor, Solar Energy

Measurement and analysis of visible solar radiation; Measurement and analysis of UVB and UVA solar radiation; Conversion ofsolar to thermal energy; Solar desalination

Prof. Yael Lubin, Professor Emerita, Desert Ecology​

Arachnid ecology; behavioral ecology, life history, social evolution, dispersal​

​​Prof. Zvi Offer, Emeritus Professor, Environmental Physics

Meteorology-geomorphology; Combined relationships between the meteorological parameters, relief morphometry and airborne particles in the Negev Desert (deflation, erosion, transport, sedimentation, composition, aerosols, atmospheric pollution); Practical applications

פינשאו.pngProf. Berry Pinshow, Professor Emeritus, Desert Ecology​

Physiological ecology; ergy and water exchange between animals and the environment; ysiology of thermoregulation and osmoregulation in desert animals - especially birds, bats and rodents; rrow architecture: How are burrows "designed", through natural selection on their builders to suite the builder's physiological needs, thus becoming become part of the organisms "extended physiology".


Prof. Leonid Prigozhin, ​ Emeritus ​Professor, Environmental Physics

Mathematical modeling; Variational and free boundary problems; Numerical methods; Granular mechanics and Aeolian sand transport; Applied superconductivity.

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רובינשטיין.pngRubinstein Isaak, Emeritus ​Professor, Environmental Physics

Research Interests: Physico-chemical hydrodynamics; membrane electrochemistry; electrokinetics in micro-nano fluidics; concentration polarization in charge selective ionic systems.​

comination.jpgDr. Moshe Schwartz, Retired, Bona Terra the Man in the Desert

Political sociology; Economic sociology; The social organization and political economy of cooperative agricultural settlements in Israel; Agricultural R&D organizations; The political economy of Israel; The political economy of agriculture in Africa; Agricultural settlement projects in the developing world; Human contributions to desertification; The political economy of natural resource management.


Dr. Shenbrot Georgy, Researcher Grade A,  Retired, Desert Ecology

Research Interests: Community and population ecology of desert animals (small mammals, lizards);

Biogeography of arid zones; Taxonomy of small mammals (Rodentia, Insectivora) and lizards 

(Agamidae); Conservation ecology, protection of rare species.​

​​Prof. Yair Zarmi, Emeritus Professor, Environmental Physics

Environmental physics; Nonlinear dynamics (solitons and their interactions, wave phenomena in nature); Physical aspects of algal biomass production

זמל.pngProf. Amos Zemel , Emeritus ​Professor, Environmental Physics

Research Interests: The efficient management of natural resources; optimization under uncertainty; the methodology of dynamic optimization.