Yosef Ashkenazy, Professor​​​

Research Interests:

Climate dynamics and modeling; dunes dynamics and modeling; paleoclimate; statistical analysis (linear and nonlinear) of climate records.​​

Golan Bel, Associate Professor​


Research Interests:

Physics of climate dynamics; Statistical climate dynamics; Physics of algal

biomass production; Localized states in non-linear dynamics of water-limited vegetation; 

Transport in nano-channels; Single-molecule spectroscopy; Non-equilibrium statistical physics.

Ehud Meron, Professor


Research Interests:

Nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation far from equilibrium; spatial ecology; complex systems.​

Leah Orlovsky, Researcher Grade B


Research Interests:

Land cover and land use changes; remote sensing for ecological applications; use of satellite imagery to study land degradation and desertification.

Ido Regev, Senior Lecturer


Research Interests:

Statistical Physics, Soft condensed matter physics; Physics and mechanics of 

granular materials and glasses, Physics and mechanics of granular materials and glasses; Wetting and drying of porous, elastic materials and drying fracture; Biophysics and developmental biology of plants and animals.

Roiy Sayag​, Senior Lecturer


Research Interests:

Fluid Mechanics; non-Newtonian Flows; Elasticity; Free Boundaries; Stability and Pattern Formation; Porous Media; Geophysical flows; Ice-sheet Dynamics.

Naftali Smith ​, Senior Lecturer


Research Interests:

Non-equilibrium statistical physics, stochastic processes, nonlinear dynamics. Large deviations in Brownian motion, lattice gases, surface growth, and population dynamics. Random matrix theory. Cold atoms, and in particular spatial properties of trapped Fermi gases. The research is mainly theoretical but includes numerical simulations too.

Victor Yashunsky, Senior Lecturer


Research Interests:

Autonomous collective movement appears all around the living world from protein motors, bacteria colonies to schools of fish and flocks of birds. Despite dramatic biological differences these systems exhibit similar patterns and dynamics pointing on common principles independent of microscopic details.

Hezi Yizhaq, Adjunct Professor​

Research Interests:

Mathematical modeling of aeolian bedforms on Earth and Mars. Aeolian geomorphology.  Mathematical modeling of vegetation patterns in water-limited systems. 

Ecosystems response to prolonged droughts and climate change. Ecohydrology in drylands. Wind speed and wind power analysis.   Computational Fluid Dynamics of wind flow in a wind tunnel.    ​