One award is proposed to excellent candidates enrolled in the 2022-2023​ sch​​ool year:

YDSEEP scholarship: NIS ~4200/ month (12 fellowship portions), in addition to full tuition.

The scholarship will be granted for 24 months without extensions. Free dorm housing in Sede Boqer campus is offered to MSc students, based on availability, in addition to the scholarship.

Scholarship terms and guidelines


​Candidates should obtain the consent of a YDSEEP academic faculty to serve as their advisor and be registered to the MSc program in Solar Energy and Environmental Physics in AKIS


​The candidates must have an excellent academic track record. Minimal requirements include undergraduate grade average ≥83 or belonging to the upper 10 percentile in BSc studies or outstanding research track record (e.g. published papers in high impact scientific journals, patent authorship, presentations in international conference). Final decisions will be made by YDSEEP and SIDEER, respectively. SIDEER and YDSEEP reserve the right not to award any scholarships if no eligible applicants are identified.


​Applications should be submitted by the prospective advisor(s) to the YDPEEP and SIDEER offices, respe​​ctively.​

Deadline: rolling (no deadline)

Applications should include the following:


​Curriculum vitae.


​Transcripts of undergraduate studies.


​Three letters of recommendation, one ​letter from the​​ potential MSc advisor and two letters from PIs who are familiar with the candidate's academi​c work and skills. The letters should be sent directly to the SIDEER office.


​Confirmation of acceptance to the MSc program in Solar Energy and Environmental Physics in AKIS

  • Scholarship awards will comply with BGU's regulations for stipend granting to graduate students: Click here​