Date & Abstract

November 1stSeminar-Nov-01.pdf

Shaul Sorek (BGU)

Modeling porous media hydrodynamics at different spatial scales

November 8thSeminar-Nov-08.pdf

Avi Niv (BGU)

High intensity microparticle propulsion with light

November 15thSeminar-Nov-15.pdf 

Amos Zemel (BGU)

The  many faces of the devil: Environmental policy under catastrophic threats

November 22ndSeminar-Nov-22.pdf 

Ido Regev (BGU)

Reversibility and Criticality in Amorphous Solids

November 29thSeminar-Nov-29.pdf 

Edo Bar-Zeev (BGU)

Energy—Water Nexus: Viability of Pressure Retarded Osmosis

December 6th 

Corrado Rainone (WIS)

Following the evolution of metastable glasses under external adiabatic perturbations: compression and shear-strain

December 13th 

Roy Bernstein (BGU)

Exploring charge balanced polyampholyte hydrogels as a non-fouling coating for polymeric membranes

December 20th 

Guy Ramon (Technion)

Sustainable production of water and energy: advanced membranes and cool sounds

December 27th 

Michael Chertkov (LANL)

Challenges in Modeling, Optimization and Control of Energy Networks (Transmission and Distribution of Power and Natural Gas)

January 3rd 

Avraham Beer (BGU)

Physics of swarming bacteria: Levy walks, anomalous statistics and intricate flow regimes

January 10th 

Doron Cohen (BGU)

Percolation, sliding, localization and relaxation in topologically closed circuits

​January 11thSpecial Seminar  110012017 Dr. Tomer Lewi.pdf 

​Dr. Tomer Lewi, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara

​Widely Tunable Semiconductor Meta-atoms for Science and Technology: Towards Programmable Optics and Metasurfaces

January 17th

GFD Days

January 24thSeminar-Jan-24 (3).pdf 

Avi Niv (BGU)

High intensity microparticle propulsion with light - 2nd part

March 14th Seminar-Mar-14.pdf

Prof. Roy Bar-Ziv

Department of Materials and Interfaces Weizmann Institute of Science

Programmable On-Chip DNA Compartments as ‘Artificial Cells’

March 21st Seminar-Mar-21.pdf

Prof. Eran Bouchbinder

Department of Chemical Physics

Weizmann Institute of Science

Cellular Mechanosensitivity in Driven Systems

March 28th Seminar-Mar-28.pdf

Gili Greenbaum

Mitrani Department of Desert Ecology


Mathematical models in population genetics

​April 4thSeminar-Apr-04.pdf

​Yuval Zelnik, Centre for Biodiversity Theory and Modelling, CNRS – Theoretical and Experimental Ecology Station

Disturbances and stability in spatial ecosystems

​April 6-7 

The Negev Physics Fete


​April 19th 2017

11:30refreshments, 12:00 lecture

Evans Auditorium

​Prof. Brian Berkowitz, Department of Earth

and Planetary Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science

​Measurements and models of chemical

transport in porous media: Fact, fantasy

and wishful thinking

​​April 25th

​Dr. Yair Shokef, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel Aviv University

Geometrically frustrated mechanical metamaterials

​May 9th

​Augusto Visintin (Trento, Italy)

​Hysteresis and Ferromagnetism

​​May 16th

​Prof. Yariv Kafri, Physics Department, Technion

​Forces in nonequilibrium systems

​​May 23rd

​Prof. Pinhas Alpert, Department of Geophysics, School of Geosciences, Tel Aviv University

​Challenges in Climate Modeling and Observations “over the Mid-East”

​June 6th

​Dr. Eilon Sherman, The Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

​Resolving mechanisms of protein organization at the cell membrane in single molecule detail

​June 13rd

​Dr. Ori Adam, Fredy and Nadine Herrmann Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem

​The dynamics of Inter Tropical Convergence Zones in present and past climates

​June 20th

Dr. Yotam Avital Yosef Dept. of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics, BIDR, Ben-Gurion

Univ. of the Negev

​Iron Oxide (Rust) for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage: Novel Insights into Semiconductor Electrolyte Interface via Dynamical Systems Approach

​June 27tn

​Prof. Menny Shalom, Chemistry Department, Ben-Gurion, Univ.

​Carbon nitride materials for artificial photosynthesis