Graduate students from all universities in Israel and abroad can work at the YDSEEP, supervised by its staff, and use its research sites and facilities. the faculty includes scientists and leading scholars from the international community. During the academic year, the YDSEEP holds weekly graduate student seminars. All academic activities in the YDSEEP are in English.

Albert Kat -  International School for Desert Studies - offers programs leading to master's and Ph.D.​​ degrees in Desert Studies: The innovative, multidisciplinary programs are structured to provide an integrated approach, offering students exceptional opportunities to pursue a combination of basic and applied research.  Students are exposed to a wide range of disciplines complementary to their major areas of specialization.  Graduates are qualified to carry out basic and applied research, take responsible positions in the management of drylands and lead the battle to combat desertification.​

Excellence scholarships for new outstanding candidates for MSc studies in 
Solar Energy and Environmental Physics

Current​​ ​YDSEEP students