NameAdvisor/sCountry of originTitle of research
Ashwin  Melvin AmbroseDr. I. Visoly-FisherIndiaStability of perovskite photovoltaic materials and devices
Avital Yotam(Kreitman fellow)Dr. A. YochelisIsraelPhoto-electro-chemical mechanisms for water splitting reactions at the solid/liquid interface
Bennett Jamie Jack Prof. E. Meron​​United KingdomVegetation patterns in sandy soil
Campisi-Pinto Salvatore Prof. Y. Ashkenazy ItalyStatistics and modeling of wind and ocean current speed
Caras Tamir Prof. Arnon KarnieliIsraelWater Bodies spectroscopy
Dor Haim ShayliProf. A. KarnieliIsraelThe effect of climate change on the structure and function of the critical zone in dry lands.
Dutta  Mrinal Prof. E. KatzIndiaStability of novel perovskite and organic PV
G. E. ArnaoutakisProf. E. KatzGreeceEnhanced PV efficiency by light engineering at ultra-high solar concentrations
Jingfang FengProf. Y. Ashkenazy, Prof. S. Havlin (BIU)ChinaClimate network
Jun MengProf. Y. Ashkenazy (BGU), Prof. S. Havlin (BIU)ChinaClimate network
Khenkin  Mark Prof. E. KatzRussiastability and photovoltaic operation of perovskite solar cells under outdoor and concentrated sunlight
Meenakshi ChoudharyDr. Avi NivIndiaPhoto-electro-mechanical properties of transition metal di-chalcogenides 
Prakash NatarajanDr. Muhammad Y. BashoutiIndiaSynthesis of Plasmon and upconversion enhanced UV, visible and near infra-red responsive nanostructures for photocatalytic environmental remediation and Energy harvesting
Pramada KumarProf. I. Rubinstein, Prof. B. Zaltzman, Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher, Dr. R. SayagIndiaVisualizing electrochemical currents
Shaw Pankaj Kumar Dr. R. Sayag , ​Prof. E. MeronIndiaFront dynamics in bistable systems with applications to desertification and ice streams
Strobach EhudProf. G. BelIsraelDecadal Climate Predictions using Sequential Learning Algorithms
Strover LisaDr. I. Visoly-FisherAustraliaCrosslinkable polymers for OPV  
Swami SanjayProf. E. KatzIndiaPerovskite photovoltaics
Ujjwal Sangeeta RaniProf. E. MeronIndia Oscillations and community dynamics in dryland vegetation
Varghese Dani Prof. A. KarnieliIndiaClimatic control variables over Europe
Zanotti  Gloria Prof. E. KatzItalyPhthalocyanine hole-conducting layer in perovskite-based photovoltaics