NameAdvisor/sCountry of OriginTitle of Research
Arti TiwariProf. A.KarnieliIndia

Object-based image procedures for classification and differentiation between structures

Edri Yuval Kreitman fellow)Dr. A. Yochelis, Prof. E. Meron IsraelLocalization in nonuniform and periodically forced oscillatory media - amplification in the auditory system (hearing)
Frenkel IdoDr. A. NivIsraelPassive optics for enhancing the optical absorption in solar cells
KM Anoop Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher IndiaFactors affecting the operational stability of perovskite solar cells
Liber-Sasson HelaDr. I. Visoly-Fisher IsraelMolecular modification on interfacial properties of organic and hybrid (perovskite-based) photovoltaic (PV) devices based on transparent electrodes.
Moses GiladProf. E. Katz& J. GordonIsrael 
​Sadhujan Sumesh​Dr. M. Bashouti​IndiaFabrication and Surface-functionalisation of Silicon-Nanowire (SiNW)/Metal-Organic, core-shell structures for energy applications
​Shalabny Awad​Dr. M. Bashouti​Israel
Shapira Alon Dr. A. Yochelis IsraelStructural and electrostatic mechanisms in organic photo-voltaics (OPV)
Silver Micha Prof. A. Karnieli, Prof. E.-Fredj (Jerusalem College of Tech.) IsraelSimulation of flooding in arid regions using a hydro-meteorolgical model (WRF-Hydro)
​Stern Lielle​Dr. R. Sayag​IsraelInstabilities in extensional flows and the dynamics of rifts in ice shelves
​Sweedan Amro​​Dr. M. Bashouti​Israel
​Zohar Tzofnat

​Dr. L. Orlovsky Prof. I Meir


​Environmental History of the Deserts of Central Asia in the 19th-21st Centuries.