Map of Beer Sheva

BGU is located in Beer-Sheva, Israel's fourth largest city, often called the capital of the Negev region. Tied to biblical times, Beer-Sheva’s history predates Abraham, making it one of the oldest cities in the world.
Today, Beer-Sheva is a growing city; its diverse population numbers 200,000. The Negev desert, which comprises 60 percent of Israel’s landmass but only eight percent of its population, is home to some 550,000 people, including 160,000 Bedouins.
Making your way around Beer-Sheva, you can witness the convergence of history with modernity in this beautiful desert city. In its Old City, you can visit Abraham's well, remains of a Byzantine church and remnants of buildings from the Ottoman period.
Beer-Sheva boasts magnificent scenery, coupled with a plethora of cultural events and activities. Also known as the City of Patriarchs, the city has a wonderful Bedouin market on Thursdays.
In the newer sections, there are cultural institutions and commercial arenas, such as a Center for the Arts, an internationally renowned chamber orchestra, local theaters, shopping malls, movie theaters, cafes, restaurants, pubs and dance clubs.
The Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, Masada and Mitzpeh Ramon are all within close proximity. The extensive ruins of Avdat (Nabatean, Roman and Byzantine buildings) are also nearby.
The Negev itself is part of an awe-inspiring desert that stretches from Egypt through the southern part of Israel to Jordan and Saudia Arabia. You can explore desert flats, sand dunes, desert pavements, cliff faces and deep canyons that stretch for dozens of miles.
In the winter and spring months, the Negev is destination for nature lovers in search of the magnificent annual blossoming of desert wildflowers.
The Gateway to the North and South
Israel’s largest cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, are easily accessible from Beer-Sheva. Modern, high-speed train service between Beer-Sheva and Tel Aviv takes a little over an hour, with service continuing to Haifa and the north.
The University Train Station is across the street from the dorms and only a three minute walk from the Marcus Family Campus. Jerusalem is only an hour and a half ride away by taxi or bus.
Eilat, Israel’s southern most city and international tourist destination on the Red Sea, is a bus ride away.
International students have reported that BGU’s location makes it ideal for exploring all parts of Israel both on your own and through OSP organized programs.

Activities in Beer-Sheva

 Beer Sheva web-site (Site in Hebrew)