If you are a Staff member from abroad, who would like to come to BGU, please register at our on-line form and follow instructions you will be receiving.

You are kindly been asked, to find a host at BGU who's training/research/teaching activities are of relevance to your field of research and/or work at your home institution.
This is valid both for ERASMUS+ training and teaching staff mobility.

Searching for BGU staff members for ​hosting your visit at BGU may starts HERE.

Send an E-mail to the BGU's staff, propose collaboration and ask for the possibility to act as your host.

If your visit is welcomed by the BGU staff member, agree on dates of mobility.

Apply for the mobility grant via your Institution/University.


Information for BGU hosts:
1. Inform the Office of International Academic Affairs

2. If you host is coming for a visit: Fill-out the form in the Visit-System

3. If you are hosting through the ERASMUS+ program, your visitor will have to register at on-line form and you will receive an automatic mail to confirm the visit. (No need to fill-out the form in the "Visit" system)

4. If requested from the sending Institution/University, the Office of International Academic Affairs will sign an ERASMUS+ Mobility Agreement for the visitor. 

5. Arrange a meeting for the guest with the Office of Intern​ational Academic Affairs.