Incoming Staff Mobility Program

(Information for BGU hosts follows)

BGU is excited to welcome you as a visiting staff member in the framework of the Erasmus+ agreement signed between both our institutions.
The first step in the process is to find a host at BGU.
You are kindly asked to find a host in BGU who's training / research / teaching activities are of relevance to your field of research and/or work at your home institution.
This is valid both for ERASMUS+ training and teaching staff mobility.

You can find information about academic staff on this site and on technical/administrative staff on this site​.

Once you find a host you will need to contact him/her, agree on visit dates and come up with a visit plan for your visit at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU).
In order to start the process pleas​e register to our on-line form and follow instructions.

Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks before planned mobility.

Apply for the mobility grant via your home Institution/University.

Please note:
Every guest, visitor, professor or student, as well as accompanying family members and dependents, associated with BGU must be covered by a comprehensive health insurance policy provided by an Israeli provider, for the period of their stay in Israel.
Further information on Health Insurance



 Erasmus+ Staff mobility is of 5 working days (+ 2 traveling days).


  • Training mobility: Professional training in your field of expertise.
  • or
  • Teaching mobility: A minimum teaching period of 8 hours per week is required. The mobility should be planned to benefit all parties involved from both institutions (BGU and your institution).

Application process:

The application includes two steps; each requires submission of different documents.
Step 1
A short C.V. and a digital photograph (JPG).
Step 2
Nomination letter (As given to you by your international office), Copy of your Health Insurance document and a Host confirmation of your visit.

Click here to start your application process. Apply-Now.gif

Information for BGU hosts:

1. Inform the BGU International
2. If you are hosting through the ERASMUS+ program, your visitor will have to register at on-line form and you will receive an automatic mail to confirm the visit. (No need to fill-out the form in the "Visit" system)
3. If you host is coming for a visit (not an Erasmus+ m​obility): Fill-out the form in the Visit-System
4. If requested from the sending Institution/University, BGU International will sign an ERASMUS+ Mobility Agreement for the visitor.
5. Arrange a meeting for the guest with the BGU International.