1. WHO - World Health Organization

  2. Beijing Institute of Technology - CSC Scholarship Proposal
    Beijing Institute of Technology is a top university in science and technology in China. It now offers a comprehensive course system in the areas of science and technology as well as management and humanities to degree-seeking students across the globe.
    There is also a complete and powerful scholarship system to support foreign students to study in BIT.
    In order to further promote international partnership and promote our programs, we’d like to offer the CSC (China Scholarship Council) Scholarship to 4 master and PhD candidates from your prestigious university. This is a full scholarship for foreign students. Please refer to Attachemnt 1-BIT Admission Book.pdf-Beijing Institute of Technology_Attachments 2.pdf for the details on the coverage and application deadlines.
    Admission will start from this November (2019).

  3. French Embassy Call for Proposals:
    The International Volunteer program supports French Ph.D. students and post-doctorates in Israel for a period of up to two years.
    The fellowship (1750 Euro/month) is in part supported by the French Embassy and by the research laboratory. Applicants must be less than 28 years old.
    Application form to be downloaded at:

    Deadline for submitting applications: 3 months before the opening position dates

  4. The Office for scientific and academic cooperation from the French Embassy in Israel is looking for a young French PhD or Post-doc, who would like to conduct research in an Israeli laboratory for one or two years in the framework of the International Volunteer Program.

    One position is currently available, starting January 15th 2018. Thus, we invite you to be in touch with French laboratories, universities and research institutes if you would like to host a young scientist in your team.

    Purpose of the program
    The International Volunteer Program is intended to promote scientific cooperation between France and Israel by supporting financially the work of a young PhD or Post-doc in an Israeli laboratory. The international volunteer is under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Foreign affairs and will have to devote some time (approx. 3 days a month) to the activities of the Office for scientific and academic cooperation.

    The candidate must:
    - be under 28 years old, or under 29 years old if he/she already has a Civiweb account;
    - have a French or European nationality;
    - be fluent in French and English;
    - work on exact science: mathematics, physic, chemistry, medicine, engineering, etc.;
    - have been accepted in an Israeli laboratory/research institute.

    - the International Volunteer receives a grant on a monthly basis which is co-financed by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli host institution. The value is approximately equal to 2 450 Euros per month: around 1 650 Euros from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 800 Euros from the Israeli laboratory;
    - the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs also provides health insurance coverage, plane ticket (round-trip ticket France-Israel) and luggage transportation (150 kg) to Israel.

    The program duration is 1 year, renewable once. Only one extension is possible for a total maximum duration of 2 years.

    How to apply?
    Israeli professors wishing to host the candidate have to fill the form enclosed to this email. The candidate has to send to vichercheur@ambfr-il.org :
    - the duly completed form enclosed to this email;
    - a CV;
    - a motivation letter;
    - at least one recommendation letter.
    Application Form 2017-2018.doc must be written in English.

    The Israeli laboratory participating in the selected project will receive a contract form. The contract form indicates the month on which the project will begin, along with the duration and the amount of the financial participation for each side.\


  5. The Gruss Lipper Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program supports young Israeli scientists who have the opportunity to work in a biomedical research laboratory in the United States.

  6. The Flemish institution VIB*  is looking for candidates for their COFUND programme.

    The program is offering 14 new postdocs positions in a wide variety of life science topics. In summary the project offers a 3 years postdoc salary to carry out an integrative biology project at VIB.

    The conditions are:
    - High potential excellent junior researcher
    - PhD obtained (the latest at the time of start at VIB)
    - Able to start postdoc at VIB before 1 july 2013
    * VIB is a life sciences research institute, based in Flanders, Belgium. They perform basis research with a strong focus on translating scientific results into pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications.

  7. The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic (NSP) is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic supports study/research/teaching/artistic mobility of foreign students, PhD students, university teachers, researchers and artists at higher education institutions and research organisations (e.g. the institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences) in Slovakia.

  8. Hong-Kong Ph.D. Fellowships Scheme aims at attracting the best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong's institutions.

  9. Study grant to graduate studies in Italy is now available on the website http://borseonline.esteri.it/borseonline/it/index.asp (for information in English scroll down the Italian.
    Deadline: May 2nd.