Max Plank-Israel Program, Opportunity for BGU PhD students

Minerva Foundation and The Max Planck Institute (MPI) in Germany, invites BGU PhD students to conduct a short research period of up to 3 months (4-20 weeks) in one its Institutes.

Submission procedure:
BGU student advisor (Principal Investigator (PI)) needs to collaborate with a PI from MPI to complete an application.
The BGU PI needs to submit the application with:
1. Letters of support from both PI’s detailing the proposed research plan the candidate's intend to do during their stay at the MPI    ​and
2. CV of the PhD student.

Submission is sent by e-mail to the Minerva Foundation (addressed to ​​Ms. Julia Radlewitz) with a copy to BGU International.

T​here is no specific deadline.

The Minerva Foundation will participate in the expenses of f​light and stay costs in Germany​.