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Building: 72
Floor: 5 1/2 (five and a half)
Rooms 564-574

Due to Coronavirus regulations, the office is closed to public until further notice. 
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Sunday - Wednesday: 10:00 - 12:30,   14:00 - 15:00

For Visa and Health​ Insurance Matters:
Due to Coronavirus regulations, the office is closed to public until further notice. 
​For help, you may contact Ms. Lior Rozenthal - Almoznino, Visa Coordinator
Tel.: +972-8-6461016, Fax.: +972-8-6461681, E-mail:

  • BGU International


  • Dr. Stavi Baram
    Director, BGU International
    Dr. Stavi Baram is the Director of the BGU International. Prior to this she served as the University’s Director-General’s Senior Assistant for seven years. She was also the founding Administrative Director of BGU’s Medical School for International Health in collaboration with Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Baram holds a Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry, as well as master’s and undergraduate degrees from BGU.

    Tel.: +972-8-6428425, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
    Room 578
  • Ms. Claire Homans Bouzaglo
    Department Coordinator
  • Tel.: +972-8-6479798, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
  • Room 574
  • Ms. Yaffa Naftalovich
    International Academic Affairs Coordinator
  • Tel.: +972-8-6479798, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
  • Room 576

  • Ms. Lior Rozenthal - Almoznino
    Visa and Health Insurance Coordinator
    Lior Rozenthal Almoznino is an expert when it comes to visa processes and health insurance. Dealing directly with Ministry of Interior Affairs, and Ministry Foreign Affairs, Lior assists students with their visa applications. With 18 years of diverse cross- University experience, Lior brings a unique understanding of the system and a sensitive approach to the student individual. She holds a Bachelor degree in Hebrew Literature and Bible, and a Master in Public Policy and Administration, both from Ben-Gurion of the Negev.

    Tel.: +972-8-6461016, Fax.: +972-8-6461681, E-mail:
    Room 565

  • Ms. Arad Bloch
    Visa and Health Insurance Coordinator Assistant

    Tel.: +972-8-6428574, Fax.: +972-8-6461681, E-mail:
    Room 565

  • Dr. Janet Ozer, Ph.D., EMT-P
    Academic Coordinator
    Dr. Janet Ozer is the Academic coordinator of BGU International. Prior to this she served as the Head of Undergraduate program for paramedics (B.EMS). She is a lecturer at the Department of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Ozer holds a Ph.D. and master’s degrees in Microbiology and Immunology, as well as an undergraduate degree in Emergency Medicine from BGU.

    Tel.: +972-522-392406, Fax.: +972-8-6472948, E-mail:

  •  Ms. Laila Perelman-Soppi
    Director, Student Mobility and Non Degree Programs
    Laila Perelman-Soppi is in charge of the Incoming International students and the Outgoing students at BGU International. Prior to this, Laila was an educator, English teacher and social coordinator in a boarding high school near Beer Sheva for several years. Her experience in the education field contributes to her work with students from all over the world who find their temporary home at BGU. Laila holds a BA in Education and English Linguistics from BGU and is currently doing a Master's Degree in Public Policy and Administration.

    Tel.: +972-8-6428579, Fax.: +972-8-6472948, E-mail:
    Room 571

  • Ms. Karin Ziv
    International Marketing Director

    Karin Ziv is the International Marketing Director, in charge of marketing the amazing international programs of BGU's. Prior to this, Karin was Head of the chocolate brand section at one of Israel’s largest importers and has vast marketing experience. Her expertise is in the area of international markets, and she brings this multi-cultural knowledge to her current position. She holds an undergraduate degree in communications and sociology & anthropology from the Hebrew University and an MBA from BGU.

    Tel.: +972-8-6428399, Fax.: +972,8,6472948, E-mail:​
    Room 573 


  • Ms. Becky Kupchan Berkman
    International Marketing Coordinator

    Becky Kupchan Berkman is the International Marketing Coordinator, working to promote BGU's varied study abroad opportunities to a global audience. Prior to joining the BGU International team, Becky worked in B2B marketing, educational tourism in Israel, and informal Jewish education. She holds a Master's Degree in Jewish Professional Studies & Non-Profit Management from the Spertus Institute in Chicago, and earned her BA in American Studies and Art History at Brandeis University. .

    Tel.: +972-8-6461104, Fax.: +972,8,6472948, E-mail:
    Room 569 


    • Ms. Ada Morpurgo
      Staff Exchange Coordinator, Information Officer, and Web-Master
      Ada Morpurgo is the Information Officer, Staff Exchange Coordinator and Web-Master for BGU International. Responsible for creation, design and maintenance of the Office's website and EURAXESS representative. She was responsible for attaining relevant data sent to world University ranking companies. With cross-organization background, Ada worked at the R&D Authority as responsible for marketing, database development, contact person between researchers and funding sources and Web-Master. Ada holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's in Geology both from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

      Tel.: +972-8-6428234, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
      Room 575

    • Ms. Judith Saban
      Student Mobility Coordinator
      Judith Saban is responsible for the outgoing students exchange of Ben-Gurion University and Erasmus+ agreements at BGU International. Prior to this, Judith worked at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was in charge of Israelis candidatures at the UN. She holds a B.A in Social Sciences from Bar-Ilan University. 
      Tel.: +972-8-6428578, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
      Room 572​


      • Ms. Liat Bichman
        International Students Coordinator
        Liat Bichman is a Coordinator at BGU International. Her goal is to provide personal and professional care for incoming students. Liat Bichman holds a Master degree in Education from Bar-Ilan University and a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Communication from Tel-Aviv University. 

        Tel.: +972-8-6428713 , Fax.: +972-8-6461681, E-mail:
        Room 569
      • Ms. Liat Bussiba
        International Students Coordinator
        Liat Bussiba is a Coordinator at BGU International. Her work includes professional and personal care for Hebrew Ulpan, study abroad, exchange and Erasmus students. Liat Bussiba holds an MBA with honors from Ben-Gurion University and a Bachelor degree in Biology from Ben-Gurion University. Liat is also a licensed tour guide from the Ministry of Tourism in Israel and worked in the tourism field for many years.
        Tel.: +972-8-6428581 , Fax.: +972-8-6461681, E-mail:
        Room 569

      • Ms. Chen-Lee Sadeh
        Budget Management
        Chen-Lee is the Budget Officer responsible for budget management at BGU International.
        Tel.: +972-8-6428723, Fax.: +972-8-6472025, E-mail:
        Room 572


      • Ms. Tom Elner
        Social Student Liaison

        Tel.: +972-8-6479248 , Fax.: +972-8-6472948, E-mail:
        Room 566


      • Ms. Inbar Reznik
        Social Student Liaison

        Tel.: +972-8-6479248 , Fax.: +972-8-6472948, E-mail:
        Room 566