CandiesThere are many places to eat out in Beer-Sheva. The best spots are at the BIG outdoor  shopping  mall with its numerous restaurants, the Old City with its charming cafes and restaurants, the area close to the Ilanot Gate (also known as Gate 90), especially Ben Matityahu and Ringlblum Streets. You can find other places next to the Sports Center, on Arlozorov Street and in Merkaz HaNegev at the corner of Massada and Rager and on Massada Street itself.

In addition there are food courts in many of the shopping malls.


Lunch on Campus: There are many options for lunch, all kosher, on the main campus. The main cafeteria is in the Zlotowski Student Center (building 70). It is divided into the dairy and meat counters. At the meat counter you will get huge dishes for low prices.