1. Share a festive meal on Friday evening with other internationals or Israelis.
  2. Go on biking trips (ask at the front desk of the International Office for help with planning) Go camping (you can rent equipment at the front desk)
  3. Eat out at one of the open restaurants at the BIG outdoor  mall
  4. Shop at the BIG outdoor  mall
  5. Go out to bars and clubs (many are open, though sometimes not until 10 p.m. on Friday) Visit the Sports Center and pool
  6. Go to the Globus Max movie theater
  7. Play bowling at the B7 Mall right next to BIG Play billiard at the Interpol at BIG
  8. Take a shared taxi and spend the day in Tel Aviv
  9. Visit the open cafes and restaurants in the Old City
  10. Study on campus: the Zlotowski Student Center (BGU main  campus, building  70) is open 24/7
  11. Visit the Skate Park located at the junction of Tuviyahu and Ilan Ramon Streets