​​​Seminar TypeLecturerAffiliationTitle and Absrtract​​D​ate
Cognitive Science

B.Sc. students
Dr. Oren Shriki
Ben-Gurion University
המוח הגבולי: מעיבוד מידע אופטימלי להזיות וסינסתזיה​
Cognitive Science
​Dr. Talya Sadeh
​Ben-Gurion University
The what, when and why of forgetting from episodic memory​​​28.04.2021
Cognitive Science

B.Sc. students
Lotem Elber-Dorozko​
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
האם מודלים חישוביים מסבירים התנהגות?​03.05.2021
​​Cognitive Science
​Gal Nir-Cohen
​Ben-Gurion University
Behavioral and Neural Investigation of Updating and Gating in Working Memory
Cognitive Science

B.Sc. students
Gidon Levakov
Ben-Gurion University​
From a deep learning model back to the brain—Identifying regional predictors and their relation to aging​
​Cognitive Science
​Yaniv Paz
​Ben-Gurion University
Testing the 'excessive neural variability' hypothesis of autism spectrum disorder


​​​Seminar TypeLecturerAffiliationTitle and Absrtract​​D​ate​
Philosophy-Cognitive ScienceLotem Elber-DorozkoHebrew UniversityReconsidering the ​neural representation of action-value20/11/2018​
Philosophy-Cognitive ScienceOron ShagrirHebrew UniversityIntegrating computation into the mechanistic hierarchy in the cognitive and neural sciences8/1/2019​
Cognitive ScienceJoseph TzelgovBen-Gurion UniversityThe mental number line in Hebrew readres​
Cognitive ScienceDalit MilshteinBen-Gurion UniversityMental Manipulation on Alternative States of Affairs of​ the Self and Other​​10/4/2019​
Philosophy-Cognitive ScienceJonathan NajensonHebrew UniversityMemory Systems are Not Different Memory Kinds​
Cognitive Scien​ce​Shay Ben-Sasson

Ben-Gurion UniversityEvolving a cortical network from first computational principles​12/6/2019
Cognitive Scien​ce

​Prof. Yair Neuman​

Ben-Gurion University
How to Model Small Systems: From Soccer to Sex and the City​​

Cognitive Scien​ce
​Ayelet Arazi
Ben-Gurion University
The relationship between neural variability, perceptual abilities attention in humans

Philosophy-Cognitive Science
​Liad Mudrik
​Tel-Aviv University
Neuroscience - from neurology to ‘humanology’: the case of consciousness & free will ​
Cognitive Scien​ce

Noa FingerBen-Gurion University
Language in children with Autism - cerebral and behavioral characteristics

​Cognitive Scien​ce​​
Dr. Erez Wolfson​Ben-Gurion University​


​​Philosophy-Cognitive Science
​​Dr. Zohar Bronfman​Tel-Aviv University
What Does the Overflow Hypothesis Tell Us About Animal Consciousness?​​
​​Cognitive Scien​ce​​
​Dr. Nir Getter
​Ben-Gurion University​​