​​​Seminar TypeLecturerAffiliationTitle and Absrtract​​Date
Philosophy-Cognitive ScienceLotem Elber-DorozkoHebrew UniversityReconsidering the ​neural representation of action-value20/11/2018​
Philosophy-Cognitive ScienceOron ShagrirHebrew UniversityIntegrating computation into the mechanistic hierarchy in the cognitive and neural sciences8/1/2019​
Cognitive ScienceJoseph TzelgovBen-Gurion UniversityThe mental number line in Hebrew readres​
Cognitive ScienceDalit MilshteinBen-Gurion UniversityMental Manipulation on Alternative States of Affairs of​ the Self and Other​​10/4/2019​
Philosophy-Cognitive ScienceJonathan NajensonHebrew UniversityMemory Systems are Not Different Memory Kinds​
Cognitive Science​Shay Ben-Sasson

Ben-Gurion UniversityEvolving a cortical network from first computational principles​12/6/2019