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Instructions for course registration

Instructions for course registration –2nd Semester 2013

Students for Ph.D. studies (code 3), students in code 13 and students in code 14.

Studies for the 2nd semester of 2013 will begin on Sunday March 10, 2013.

The following are instructions and dates regarding the registration process.

Internet registration dates and permits:

Registration for courses in all the departments can be done by students independently on the Internet. All the course rosters appear under: “Information services for students and candidates” – “Course information” and each specific departmental course roster.

Doctoral students must register before each semester of each year of their doctoral studies; if a student does not register for studies, his/her scholarship is revoked.

Registration procedure:

The Internet website will be accessible from February 3-27, 2013 between 14:00-23:59.
The web address is:

In order to register for courses, you are required to provide your personal, authorized login + password. If you have not yet received your personal authorization codes, you can get them immediately by using your secret 4-digit “pin number” (given to you previously either on your registration forms or on your receipts). Go online to: to open a user account. This is done only once during the course of your degree studies.

If you do not have your “pin number”, you may receive one by E-mail, after going through an identification process at: or by calling 08-6472788. If these options fail, you should immediately go to the Computer Center in Building 62, room 17, with your I.D. papers, where you will receive your computer access codes, so that you can register on time.

NOTE: The Computer Center is closed during national holidays and university vacations. Purely technical support is also available at: 08-6477171, from the Technical Support Team.

General Information

1. Students who have completed their course requirements and/or are not attending lectures and are only doing their research, must register via computer.
Ph.D. students: Student must sign up for “Research”--course no.10. 3.0051.
Doctoral students (Code 13) must sign up for “Supplementary doctoral studies”—course no. 10.3.1121.
Doctoral students (Code 14) must sign up for “Doctoral research”—course no. 10.3.1122.

2. Every new Ph.D. student, who has a teaching assistant's position must also attend the one semester non-credit course "preparation for graduate teaching assistantship", course no. 900.5.9001

3. Every student must take 6-10 credits (from the advanced studies courses) as approved by his/her Advisor. Students required to take supplementary courses (non-credit courses) must take an additional 6-10 credits also approved by the Advisor.

The student has to finish all 6-10 credits till the end of the third year of his/her studies.

4. A student wishing to take a course at another institution must register for “Research”, course no. is 10.3.0051. In addition, a detailed request must be submitted, justifying the reasons for studying at another institution (including the full details of the other institution and the course/s name/s and number/s), which must be signed by the student’s Thesis Advisor.

5. During the final year of studies, each student must register for the Summary Seminar, course no. 10.3.0061
6. A student who has already submitted his/her Thesis to the Kreitman School for approval is not required to register online.
7. A doctoral student wishing to take a Bachelors-level course must first get the consent of the department giving that course. Note: Bachelors-level courses do not provide academic credit.
8. The non-credit "Scientific writing in English" is obligatory for all Ph.D. students
9. Workshops and language courses are not included in the required 6-10 credits necessary for the Ph.D.
10. Before attempting online registration, a doctoral student wishing to take a course from another department must first turn to that department and request that the course be appropriately coded (code 3, his/her home department).
11. Students wishing to take courses given by Ph.D. students (including Masters' studies courses) may do so, but not for academic credit.
12. After completing registration, the student must print out copies of his/her course-registration and the temporary confirmation-of-registration documents. These forms may be certified at the Kreitman School Office. (Note: The course-registration forms should be printed out width-wise.) Certified forms may be used to receive student services.
13. Students are personally responsible for online registration before the final deadline. Students who do not register on time will be automatically dropped from the studies program. Students requesting late registration, after the “period of changes”, may do so only via the Secretary of the Kreitman School and will pay a “late fine” of 250 NIS (unless just cause can be proven, e.g. I.D.F. reserve duty or a certified illness).
14. Changes in the academic studies program may be made during the “period of changes”.
15. Late registration and changes via Internet may be done from on March 10-24, 2013
from 14:00-23:59.
  • A student requesting a leave of absence from studies should turn to the Secretary of the Kreitman School for the proper form not later than 2 weeks after the start of the semester
  • A student who has completed 4 years of study, but has not yet submitted the Thesis for approval, must submit an explicit request for the extension of the submission date, with the Thesis Advisor’s approval and that of the Head of the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee.
  • A Doctoral student who gave birth during her studied is eligible to extend her study period by one additional year. Should this be necessary, a request for extension must be submitted along with a copy of the birth certificate. In any case, the required Progress Report must be submitted even during maternity leave.
  • Those with outstanding Hebrew or English language requirements are asked to complete those requisite studies as soon as possible.
  • The rules and regulations of the Kreitman School and other general information may be found on the Kreitman School website at:
  • Note: The Kreitman School website also includes an academic bulletin-board with general announcements and updates; it is advisable to check it out regularly in order to stay up-to-date and informed.