Frequently Asked Questions

The EFL-Unit Office

Q: Where is the Unit office located?

A: The office is located in room 407, building 72. The phone number is: (08) 647-2461/2.


Q: When does the Unit have office hours?

A: Office hours are Sunday through Wednesday from 10:00-12:30.


Q: Does the Unit have a website?

A: Yes. The URL is

The website contains information about the Unit, the courses, and application forms for Va'a'dat Ho'ra'ah.


Q: How do I apply to Va'a'dat Ho'ra'ah

A: Simply download the form from the website, fill it out and submit online. Please make sure to include any relevant ishurim.

You will receive an answer once your request is considered.


The Courses

Q: What can I expect to learn in the courses?

A: The goal of the courses is to give students the skills needed to read academic texts. Students are also taught academic thinking and some writing. Students will receive a detailed course description from their teacher.


Q: How do I know for which course I should register?

A: Registration is based on the score of the Psychometric (English Section)/ Amir/ Amiram.

LevelPsychometric ScoreAmir/ Amiram Score
Advanced Aleph100-119200-219
Advanced Bet120-133220-233
Exemption (P'tor)- no course is required> 134> 234

After passing a level, students move on to the next level until they obtain an exemption.

A student cannot be admitted to the university with an English Psychometric score of less than 85. A student who scores less than 85 must study the trom (lower level) courses at the mechina before beginning university studies.

Please make sure to register for the correct level. Students in the wrong level will have their registration canceled at any time.

Courses are offered in three tracks: Humanities and Social Sciences (including the School of Management)/ Science and Technology/ Recanati (nursing, emergency medicine and physiotherapy). Students should register for the appropriate track based on the subject they have chosen to study. For example, a student studying Electrical Engineering will study in the Science and Technology track while someone studying Psychology takes the Humanities and Social Science courses. 


Q: What is the Amir/ Amiram Exam?

A: The Amir exam is the English section of the Psychometric by itself. Amiram is the computerized version of the Amir. Students take this exam if they feel they are in the wrong level and wish to be retested to obtain a higher score. Like the Psychometric, the Amir/ Amiram is administered by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation.


Q: Do you offer online courses?

A: The EFL Unit does not.


Q: Can I study English at another university?

A: yes.


Q: I have an ishur that I passed a course at another university? To whom do I submit it?

A: Please bring the ORIGINAL document to the English office (room 407/72).


Q: Is attendance required?

A: Yes. Students must be present from the time they are registered for the course. Students must have an ishur for each absence. Justified reasons for missing a lesson are: military service, illness, family event, religious holiday. Please notify your teacher if you know in advance that you will be absent and make sure to show the relevant ishur upon returning. Students who miss more than 20% of the lessons may not be allowed to complete the course.


Q: What is the passing grade in the EFL courses?

A: The passing grade for all courses is 56. For students of Medicine and Pharmacology, the passing grade for Advanced Bet is 70. A detailed explanation of the how the course grade is calculated will be provided by your teacher.


Q: Are the courses worth any academic credit?

A: Advanced Bet is worth two credits.


Q: Do I need a certain grade in Advanced Bet in order to pursue graduate studies?

A: This varies from department to department. Please consult the secretary in charge of graduate-degree studies in the department you wish to study.


Q: Do I need to buy any books?

A: Students in Basic need to purchase a course book. Details will be provided by your teacher. For Advanced Aleph and Bet, all material is available on Moodle.


Q: Do you provide special conditions for learning-disabled students?

A: Yes we do. The special conditions (extra time, computer-read exam) are given in accordance with instructions provided by the Dean of Students.


Q: I had special conditions on exams in high school. Does this mean I will automatically get the conditions in the university?

A: No. Students need to be evaluated by the university. Please contact the Dean of Students for more information.


Q: How do I find my exam room?

A: As with your other exams, you can check on the university website or app (BGU2GO).

Exams have a cover sheet and the color is different for each level.

Basic: Humanities/ Social SciencesYellow
Basic: Science and TechnologyRed
Advanced Aleph: Humanities/ Social SciencesBlue
Advanced Aleph: Science and TechnologyGreen
Advanced Aleph: RecanatiWhite
Advanced Bet: Humanities/ Social SciencesPeach
Advanced Bet: Science and TechnologyPink
Advanced Bet: RecanatiPurple

Please check that you are taking the correct exam. In addition to the cover, the level is listed on the answer sheet (in English and Hebrew) and on the question sheet (in English). If a student takes the wrong exam, it will not be graded.


Q: What is a "Level Exam"?

A: A "Level Exam" is one given to all students at a specific level. (Basic, Advanced Aleph, Advanced Bet)

There is a make-up for students who were unable to take the "Level Exam" for a good reason. Justifiable reasons are: illness, military service, a class trip (siyur), another exam at the same time or within 24 hours, Perach. Students must present an ishur justifying the absence. There is no make-up for a student who wants to improve his/ her grade.



Q: Are there other course requirements?

A: Yes. There may be class quizzes or projects. Your teacher will inform you. The "class grade" (grades on the "Level Exams", quizzes, projects) is worth 60% of the final grade.


Q: Is there a final exam?

A: Yes. The final exam is "unseen" and is worth 40%. Students must pass the final exam in order to pass the course.


Q: I have a failing class grade. Can I still pass the course?

A: Yes, there are two ways: 1) Score high enough on the final exam so the 60-40 calculation is a "pass" e.g. a student has a class grade of 45 but scores at least 70 on the final exam. 2) Pass both final exams (moed aleph and bet). In this case, the student gets a final grade of 56.


Q: I passed the course. Can I take moed bet to improve my grade?

A: Only Advanced Bet students would want to do this as all other levels do not carry academic credit.

Advanced Bet students may take moed bet in an attempt to improve their grade. Students who choose to do so must register on the University website and inform their teacher.

University regulations state that if a student takes moed bet, the moed aleph grade is canceled and the moed bet grade is the one that counts. It is not the best of the two or the average! Please think carefully before you do this.


Q: Are exams scanned and available online?

A: None of the Unit's exams are available online. Students who wish to see their exams can meet with their teacher during office hours (hasifa) and discuss the exam. Teachers will inform students when they are holding office hours.