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Fluorescent images of acute hippocampal slices from a mouse transduced with a virus (AAV(PHP.eB)-hSyn1-RFP-shRNA) targeted to knockdown ZIP1 Zn2+ transporter expression (Red), and stained with nuc​lear DAPI stain (blue). 

The brain slices were obtained 21 days following intracranioventricular injections of the virus, and widespread transduction can be observed in dentate gyrus and CA regions.

Images: Milos Bogdanovic (bogdanovic.mf@gmail.com), Hershfinkel lab (hmichal@bgu.ac.il)

Florescent Image of the small instestine.jpg

​Fluorescent image of H.poly worms wrapped around the intestinal epithelium.

Mice were infected with H.poly and 14 days post infection the small intestine was snap-frozen, stained and imaged on a LSM700 Zeiss Confocal microscope. In RED – progeny of injury-induced stem cells; in GREEN – mucus-secreting goblet cells; in YELLOW – sensory tuft cells. 

Image: Danielle Karo-Atar​ (atardani@bgu.ac.il​)​