​Kickoff meetings to plan future experiments, short phone consultations and participation in writing bioinformatics parts in papers and grant proposals are free of charge. All other Bioinformatics and Consulting support from the Bioinformatics Core Facility are charged.

The current pricing scheme for BGU research groups is based on the estimated number of work hours (consulting and data analysis) required per project:

​Item No.
​Item description
​No. hours
​​Estimated time (net)
​Fee (NIS)
​Hourly fee

​An hour
​Mini  project
​2 - 8
​A day
​Light project
​9 - 16
​Two days
​Medium project
​17 - 40
​A week
​Large project
​41 - 80
​Two weeks
​Heavy project
​81 - 160
​A month

External users from academic, government and non-profit institutions are charged an hourly rate of 275 NIS.

Commercial clients are welcome to contact us for a Service Agreement.

Group training is charged per participant per hour as follows: 45 NIS (internal), 55 NIS (academic/non-profit), 111 NIS + VAT(commercial).

Please note that payment of fees for data analysis services and authorship are not mutually exclusive. Depending on their contributions to a project, the Bioinformatics Core Facility bioinformaticians might be considered collaborators at the same level as other academic colleagues who contribute intellectually and receive funding for work on a project.