A major aim of the Bioinformatics Core Facility has always been to deliver our knowledge to scientists and students. We have gained years of experience in the art of simplifying and communicating bioinformatics knowledge to varying audiences.

During the years we have developed numerous courses, workshops and single presentations which we will be happy to offer our clients. Teaching modalities range from illustrating basic concepts to presenting gory details; from frontal lectures to hands-on tutorials and self-paced exercises.

We strive to give our listeners the tools and the knowledge which will render them the freedom to devise their original approaches and to implement their wildest ideas.


Workshops and mini-courses, academic year 2016-2017:

  • Metagenomic Data Analysis using QIIME (in Hebrew)
    By Menachem Sklarz
    19-20.12.2016, Building 39, de Picciotto conference room #106.

  • Metagenomic Data Analysis using QIIME (in English)
    By Menachem Sklarz
    5-6.2.2017,  Building 39, de Picciotto conference room #106.

  • Python Programming for Biologists, a mini-course
    by Menachem Sklarz
    Date and place TBD

  • R Programming for Statistical Computing, The Language Fundamentals
    by Menachem Sklarz
    Date and place TBD 

 To apply for participation and request additional workshops, please contact Menachem Sklarz, sklarz@bgu.ac.il