Adar Eilon Professor Emeritus                                        


Area​​s of interest: Groundwater hydrology of arid basins. Deals, particularly with Israel's "international" aquifers, their quality and division with Palestinians and other neighboring countries.


Arnon Shai Professor                                        


Areas of interest: Biogeochemical processes in streams; stream restoration; Hydro ecology; fate and transport of contaminants in the environment.


Arnusch C​​hris Professor


Areas of interest: Laser-induced graphene for environmental technology; Exploring and developing unconventional ways to improve membrane fabrication and modification; 2D ​and 3D Printed-assisted membrane fabrication and modification techniques; exploring mechanisms of surface-tethered antimicrobial agents.


Bar Zeev Edo Professor


Areas of interest: Environmental microbiology; the impact of seawater desalination brine on benthic bacteria; microbial community in pristine and contaminated aquifers; transparent Exopolymer Particles as “Planktonic-Hotspots" for Heterotrophic Dinitrogen Fixation; applied microbiology; planktonic Microgels: from Spontaneous Assemblies and Protobiofilms to Membrane Biofouling;  the link between spacer—biofouling and performance of forwarding osmosis and membrane distillation


Be'er Avraham  Professor


Areas of interest: Complex bacterial phenomena; bacterial swarming; active-nematics; topological defects; group behavior mechanisms; collective bacterial motion in liquids; competition between sibling colonies; phenotypic switching; colony morphogenesis; bacteriocins; interactions between bacteria and polymeric membranes; particle tracking; superdiffusion; biorheology; biosurfactants; thin biofilms.​


Bernstein Anat Senior Lecturer                               


Areas of interest: Biodegradation of organic pollutants in the subsurface; stable isotope methods.


Bernstein Roy Senior Lecturer                                  


Areas of interest: Our laboratory's primary goal is to investigate and broaden the knowledge and use of the material and polymer science in membrane synthesis for environmental and industrial applications. This will be accomplished using a multidisciplinary approach combining chemistry, materials and polymer science, surface science, environmental science, engineering, and water treatment technologies.


Dahan Ofer Professor


Areas of interest: Waterer Flow and contaminant transport through the vadose zone.; groundwater recharge.; development of monitoring technologies for the deep vadose zone.


Gillor Osnat Professor


 Areas of interest: Role of antimicrobials in biofilm formation; the diversity of soil bacteria and their role in the ecosystem.; use of molecular and experimental methods to study the processes and patterns of microbial ecology and evolution.


Gilron Jack Professor


Areas of interest: Scaling and fouling of membranes and methods for prevention; transport through membranes (NF and ED); application of membranes in the industry for waste treatment and product recovery; high recovery desalination brine management.


Gross Amit Professor, ZIWR Director


Areas of interest: Treatment and efficient use of marginal water, sludge, and biowaste (i.e., wastewater, agricultural wastes, and contaminated groundwater); development of waste management practices for efficient reuse and minimization of environmental pollution as well as an assessment of environmental risks associated with these contaminants; use of greywater and wastewater for irrigation; development/enhancement of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) by the introduction of efficient water use and waste recycling.  


Hansen Scott​ Senior​ Lecturer


Areas of interest: Mathematical and computational modeling of subsurface solute transport, particularly on how this is impacted by unresolved heterogeneity; development of closure models to average away unresolved heterogeneity, calibrate predictive models using macroscopic observables, and develop error envelopes for hydrogeological predictions. Transport behavior of reacting solutes in heterogeneous flow fields, analysis of the model (as opposed to measurement) error on predictive accuracy, stochastic (especially random walk) methods, multiphase systems, and scientific computing.


Herzberg  Moshe Professor           


Areas of interest: Biofouling of pressure-driven membranes; initial stages of bacterial biofilm formation (adhesion and irreversible attachment); biofilm reactors; mass transfer in biofilms.


Kasher Roni Professor                                 


Areas of interest: Development of novel membranes for water desalination and treatment; Obstacles associated with membrane-based water treatment;  membrane fouling and biofouling; removal of organic contaminants and membrane stability while maintaining the salt rejection and flux characteristics of existing membranes; surface modification of water-treatment membranes; Developing chemical methodologies to connect antimicrobial peptides to reverse-osmosis membranes without loss of peptide activity; graft-polymerization of membranes to alter their physical surface properties.


Levintal Elad​  Senior​ Lecturer

My research focuses on the interface between the vadose zone and the atmosphere by combining fieldwork, laboratory analysis, and theoretical concepts using various sensing systems. I believe a holistic approach is needed to understand further the temporal and spatial distributions of water quality and quantity. My research integrates fundamental hydrological studies at multiple spatial and temporal scales by developing “easy to use” sensor arrays. The goal is to advance scientific knowledge of hydrological and biogeochemical processes at various scales and utilize creative and straightforward instrumentation.


Nejidat Ali Professor                            

e-mail: alineji@bgu.ac.il

Areas of interest: Ecophysiology; biochemistry; biodiversity of chemolithotrophic nitrifying bacteria; molecular genetics of microorganisms capable of degrading individuals or groups of toxic compounds.

oded nir.jpg

Nir Oded Senior​ Lecturer

Areas of interest: Physico-chemical technologies for sustainable desalination, water, and wastewater treatment; focus on membrane processes, both pressure-driven (RO, NF, UF) and electrically driven (ED, EDBM) in combination with other separation techniques (crystallization, gas-transfer, ion-exchange, etc.); development of computer simulations for Physico-chemical water treatment processes combining mass-transport and  chemical equilibrium; resource recovery from wastewater, focusing on Phosphorus

oren yoram.jpg

Oren Yoram Professor Emeritus 


Areas of interest: Electrically driven membrane separations: electrodialysis, capacitive deionization; transport phenomena in membranes for water treatment; fouling mechanisms of membranes; membrane characterization by electrochemical methods

gidon oron.jpg

Oron Gideon Professor Emeritus


Areas of interest: Management modeling of water resources and environmental systems, applying different optimization procedures adopted primarily from Operation Research methods; membrane technology for new water production and energy generation; reuse of low-quality waters, mainly domestic wastewater, for various purposes, mainly for agriculture irrigation; constructed wetlands for maintaining a clean and friendly environment; runoff water harvesting and modeling for diverse purposes of use, primarily for closing the gap between supply and demand; Irrigation of crops fields with different kinds of waters.

avner ronen.jpg

Ronen Avner​ Senior Lecturer


Areas of interest: Electrochemical wastewater treatment; electroconductive responsive membranes; nutrients recovery from wastewater; microbial, organic, and inorganic fouling mitigation; membrane distillation; per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) monitoring and control.


Ronen Zeev Professor


Areas of interest: Bioremediation of contaminated groundwater and soil; bio-treatment of industrial wastewater; biodegradation of organic pollutants; safe reuse of treated effluents.


Siebner Hagar Research Associate​​


Areas of interest: The speciation and fate of contaminants and nutrients in the unsaturated zone; contamination potential from municipal waste landfill; volatile compounds in the soil; managing the stable isotope lab in ZIWR.

sorek shaul.jpg

Sorek Shaul Professor Emeritus


Areas of interest: Theoretical and numerical models of mechanics and transport phenomena for porous/fractured media; decision Support Systems for modeling water management.

yakirevich alexander.jpg

Yakirevich Alexander Professor Emeritus


Areas of interest: Experimental and theoretical investigation of water flow, solute and heat transfer in porous and fractured media; development of mathematical models for multiphase and multicomponent flow and transport in the vadose zone and groundwater system; simulation of overland flow, solutes transport in runoff and streams; estimating mass-transfer parameters from laboratory- or field- measured water and solute distribution data.

noam 2.jpg

Weisbrod Noam Professor, BIDR Director


Areas of interest:  Gas transport at the Earth-atmosphere interface; fracture and preferential flow; recharge processes; colloid and colloid-facilitated transport; evaporation and salinization processes; water problems in the developing world.