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Jul. 16, 2019
​Noise pollution is an intense widespread pollutant that reduces the quality of habitats worldwide. One of the growing sources of noise pollution is wind-turbine infrastructures. A recent article in Ha'aretz features the MSc research of Yael Lehnardt, who is working under the supervision of Dr. Oded Berger-Tal at the Mitrani Department for Desert Ecology. In her study, Yael broadcasted wind-turbine noise in a natural area while measuring and quantifying its effects on wild birds. Yael found a significant reduction of 30% in the mean daily number of birds in days with broadcasted noise, compared to other days. This effect was different among species, both local and migratory, and varied at different spatial scales. Yael's findings highlight the importance of noise pollution management while planning future infrastructure, especially of wind-turbines, and thus can assist planning that considers acoustical aspects of nature conservation.רמקול ויעל_יעל לנרד.jpg
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