The Swiss Institute for Dryland Environmental and Energy Research (SIDEER) hereby announces that support for a​ Postdoctoral Fellowship for an outstanding researcher will be available for 2022-2024​.

​​We seek candidates with an outstanding academic record who can initiate, carry out, and complete cutting-edge research in their field of interest. Applications are invited from candidates interested in doing postdoctoral research at the SIDEER Institute, one of the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, for a period of two years, in one of the following fields:

 Alexandre Yersin Department of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics (YDSEEP)

 Marco and Louise Mitrani Department of Desert Ecology (MDDE)


The SIDEER Postdoctoral Fellowship will amount to approximately $19,000 per year (divided into 12 portions), of which the SIDEER will provide 10 portions and the host will provide two portions.

One portion = 514.20 NIS (~140 USD)

Potential candidates should contact prospective mentors before applying for the fellowship.

A list of the SIDEER's faculty and their research interests can be found here: AYDSEEP faculty and MDDE faculty​

​ ​ ​

​Fellowship Guidelines:

  • The program is open to scientists from all over the world.

  • The fellowship will be awarded on a competitive basis to a candidate who completed his/her Ph.D. degree at an institution other than the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev no longer than four years before the submission date.

  • The candidate must have a proven track record of outstanding academic work and publications in leading journals.

  • A detailed research program should be developed in collaboration with a SIDEER faculty member.

  • The second year of the fellowship is contingent upon the postdoctoral fellow's submission of a scientific report to his/her supervisor at the end of the first year.  ​


​​The deadline for applications is August ​31, 2022 or until the position is filled

Submission Instructions:​

​To apply for the fellowship, the candidate should submit all of the following documents to his/her prospective SIDEER supervisor. The supervisor will compile the documents and submit them (electronically) to Avigail Shualy Avraham​​, Assistant to the SIDEER Director.

The required documents include:

  1. ​The application form is completed and signed by the candidate;

  2. The candidate's CV, including a list of publications;

  3. A summary (no longer than two pages) of the proposed research covering a two-year time schedule;

  4. Copies of the candidate's diplomas and grade transcripts (Master's and Ph.D.);

  5. Three (3) letters of recommendation from referees who have taught and/or worked with the candidate; one of them​ should be from the candidate's Ph.D. supervisor.

​​                       The deadline for applications is August 31, 2022 or until the position is filled

You may also contact Avigail Shualy Avraham, for more detailed instructions regarding application preparation and submission or with any questions.