Jan. 22, 2019

List of Staff-Week opportunities at Universities in Europe

Due to the current situation regarding the global outbreak of the Covid-19, Israel government has declared the state of emergency. BGU has decided to cancel all incoming and outgoing mobilities of students and faculty from or to BGU, for academic purposes from March 8th, 2020 and until further notice.  
This decision has been taken with the intent to do the utmost in order for the University to continue with its research and teaching, and with concern for the health of those entering campus. 

To be clear; this relates to any travel plans by groups or by individuals. 

Updates concerning COVID_19 situation may be found at: https://in.bgu.ac.il/en/Pages/coronavirus-updates.aspx





BGU Staff members who would like to subscribe to these opportunities must follow BGU internal guidelines published under "BGU Staff" on this site.



Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU)(Lithuania) 4-8/05/2020

International staff week.

In Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania – participants of the ISW will have an opportunity to:
• Teach or train in the international and interactive learning environment
• Share valuable experiences and challenges of the University internationalisation
• Network with colleagues from the universities worldwide and gain intercultural competence
• Develop personal and professional skills related to the student and staff mobility
• Participate in a number of social and cultural events

Target audience:
• Academic staff from VGTU partner institutions
• Administrative staff responsible for University international activities

Please complete the online form here.



Radboud University (The Netherlands) 11-15/05/2020

International staff week.
Let's talk about Internationalisation!

• Are you excited to learn more about the different aspects of the international classroom?
• Would you like to get the tools to support your research in how to find funding?
• Are you curious to know more about communication strategies and channels?
• Interested in comparing notes on how to organise a summer school?

Then the 8th edition of Radboud University's Staff Training Week is definitely the place to be. You can compile your own tailor-made programme by choosing from different workshops that are on offer in multiple parallel sessions.
Learn from each other’s best practices and join us and many other international colleagues in the oldest city of Netherlands. By participating you will not only improve your professional skills, but also broaden your horizon and your network, and so will we. You can also ook forward to an exciting and relaxing social programme.

Much appreciated part of the prorgamme, and therefore also offered in the 2020 edition, is the ‘Faculty Lunch’. A perfect opportunity to meet your Radboud faculty counterparts
For more information, please check this website and secure your reservation before March 1, 2020!



Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt - Campus Eichstätt (Germany) 11-15/05/2020

International staff week.
Invitations to the KU Erasmus+ Staff Week are aimed at:
◾responsible International Officers who work in the field of student and staff mobility

Attendees can choose one of the following focus areas: ◾Leaving your comfort zone – How international offices can increase international mobility among students and staff
◾Challenges of a modern university library: the significance of digitalization and the library as a place of learning

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